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14:56 <andrew_> Hey Geoloqi! I got a question about the geotrigger api on android if you guys have some time
14:57 <aaronpk> sure
14:58 <andrew_> cool, so I am working with a customer, and they discovered that the geotrigger api does not work in the most recent version of android play services
14:59 <andrew_> *google play services
14:59 <aaronpk> are they using the very latest version of the SDK?
14:59 <andrew_> which is version 22 or 6.5.87
15:00 <aaronpk> oh let me check something... one sec
15:01 <andrew_> sure, they are using the sdk from here: https://github.com/Esri/geotrigger-sdk-android
15:19 <aaronpk> andrew_: okay just double checked this with the team here
15:19 <aaronpk> Google updated the Google Play Services APIs without warning, so the Geotrigger SDK doesn't work with it
15:19 <aaronpk> right now the best fix is to downgrade Google Play Services to the October version
15:20 <aaronpk> we're working on releasing an updated Geotrigger SDK that will work with the latest Play library
15:21 <andrew_> oh ok i see. Yea i think the locationclient and some other stuff got changed
15:21 <andrew_> ok cool
15:21 <andrew_> but I do have 1 more thing
15:21 <andrew_> I am not able to check this one yet actually
15:22 <andrew_> but the customer also mentioned that the sdk is not working with the most recent version of Android
15:22 <andrew_> *if it is compiled with android 21
15:22 <aaronpk> i will see if we can test that here
15:25 <andrew_> sounds awesome! yea i upgraded my play services so i need to figure out how to downgrade it before I can test out android 21
15:26 <aaronpk> it's just downgrading which version the app uses, not on the whole phone
15:26 <aaronpk> andrew_: anything more specific than "not working" for android 21?
15:27 <andrew_> not the phone, just the version the app is compiled with
15:27 <andrew_> compileSdkVersion 21
15:27 <aaronpk> ok cool
15:27 <aaronpk> what problems are you seeing on 21?
15:28 <andrew_> I can actually send you a pdf detailing everything
15:28 <aaronpk> sure
15:30 <aaronpk> you have my email I assume?
15:30 <andrew_> Yes, I do, just give me one sec
15:32 <aaronpk> k
15:32 <andrew_> ok, I just sent the email
15:32 <aaronpk> thanks!
15:52 <andrew_> Thanks for taking a look at this! I will submit a bug for this if needed.
15:53 <aaronpk> okay we identified that problem as well
15:53 <aaronpk> submitting a bug on github?
15:54 <aaronpk> that'd be fine, at least it'd be tracked there
16:04 <andrew_> oh I was actully thinking salesforce. I am not sure if you guys use it actually. But I can do it on github if you want.
16:05 <aaronpk> oh, we won't see it on salesforce. maybe I should try to get set up there to see if there's other stuff we need to be looking at...
16:08 <andrew_> ok, I can check salesforce for any geotrigger related thing real quick
16:09 <aaronpk> andrew_: are you on the internal Esri IRC as well?
16:11 <andrew_> no i am not on it at the moment
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