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08:07 <Loqi> good morning!
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11:28 <andreww> hsoj: thanks for the reply yesterday. Sorry I got caught up in some other stuff yesterday so I did not get a chance to respond.
11:28 <hsoj> no prob :)
11:30 <andreww> I do agree we need to update our doc. However, I feel if this feature is not implemented, it is going to really limit the use of geotrigger api. So I was wondering if this would be a valid bug to submit?
11:31 <andreww> I have a customer using the api and they are wondering if this feature will be fixed
11:33 <hsoj> It can be remedied for now, but I wouldn't say it's fixable. It seems like Android is going to continue down the path of making it easier for users to completely kill running applications
11:34 <hsoj> I'll add an issue and make the Service more sticky in the next release
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11:40 <hsoj> andreww: may I ask what they are doing that they need the app to continue tracking even when the user tries to close it?
11:41 <hsoj> thinking of implementing the additional stickiness as an option, but leaving the current behavior as the default. I'd rather do the right thing by default as per Android UI guidelines, but we do need to provide an option for people to keep the service running if their use case requires it.
11:46 <andreww> I am not exactly sure about the use case, but say user has a shopping app, they may not always have it open when they are near a store, but the user probably still wants to recieve coupons when they walk in or something like that
11:46 <andreww> ok, that sounds like a good idea to me
11:46 <andreww> so should i submite a NIM for this issue on my end?
12:51 <hsoj> andreww: I've created an issue in GitHub for this, so I'm not sure if we need a NIM
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