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12:17 <andreww> Hi Geoloqi. I got a question regards to the Geotrigger api on android.
12:19 <andreww> So I am wondering on Android, even when I remove the geotrigger app from the recent running app list, should I still receive push notifications?
12:20 <andreww> Because it seems like when I swipe out the geotrigger app from the recent running app list, everything is killed. Even the background process which I am assuming is needed to receive push notifications
12:20 <andreww> I think this happens on Android KitKat 4.4+
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12:58 <hsoj> andreww: you should still receive push notifications regardless of whether or not the app is running
12:59 <hsoj> an incoming push for your application should wake up the Message Receiver
13:08 <andreww> hsoj: I have tried it, but the phone is still not receiving the push
13:09 <hsoj> andreww: but you are receiving push notifications while the app is running, but not in the foreground?
13:09 <andreww> Yes, I am receiving the push when the app is running in the foreground
13:10 <hsoj> and are you using the Geoloqi SDK or the Geotrigger SDK?
13:10 <andreww> I will still receive a notification if I do not remove the app from the "Recent Apps" list
13:10 <andreww> Geotrigger SDK
13:11 <andreww> However as soon as I remove the app from the "Recent Apps" list, I no longer receive a push
13:12 <hsoj> the Geotrigger SDK will stop if swiped out of the recent apps, but push shouldn't be affected.
13:13 <hsoj> those are handled by the MessageReceiver
13:15 <hsoj> can you verify your manifest contains the correct intent filter for the MessageReciever? It should look like this: https://github.com/Esri/geotrigger-sdk-android/blob/master/sample/AndroidManifest.xml#L37-L50
13:15 <andreww> If you give me a few minutes, perhaps I can create a short video to show you what I mean
13:19 <hsoj> hmm. that looks good to me. I'm going to grab a test device and see if I can reproduce your issue. what hardware / os version are you testing on?
13:20 <andreww> I can repro on Nexus5 with Android 4.4.4
13:20 <andreww> and OnePlus One Android 4.4.4
13:23 <hsoj> cool. I have a Nexus 5 with 4.4.4 here. will poke at it a bit and get back to you in a few :)
13:31 <andreww> Ok... I just tested it out again. It is working for me now using geotrigger faker
13:41 <andreww> However, if I just walk around with my phone, with the app removed from the running app list, I will not get any push
13:42 <andreww> but a few seconds after I launch the app again, I will receive a push
13:43 <andreww> *with the app removed from the "Recent apps" list
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13:47 <hsoj> andreww: the GeotriggerService is supposed to restart itself under most conditions, but the running app list is tricky. I'm verifying that we are still handling that case as we should
13:50 <andreww> Ok cool. I am just guessing here, since it is working with the geofaker but not when doing physical tests. Perhaps it has no problem receiving pushes, but it is not sending out location updates when the app is removed from the recent app list
13:55 <hsoj> on 4.4.4, it seems like the GeotriggerService is killed flat out when the user swipes the app out of the running apps list. On previous versions, we were able to schedule a restart, but now the logs say that the service has crashed and that a restart is scheduled for 1000ms. The restart isn't happening, though.
13:58 <hsoj> the onDestroy method isn't even being called, so I'm not sure how much we can really do, but I'm looking into it
14:06 <andreww> Alright, thanks for the information hsoj!
14:22 <hsoj> andreww: I think the correct thing to do at this point is update the documentation to be explicit about what happens when the user swipes out a running app using the Geotrigger SDK. i.e. it stops tracking and won't be resume until the user restarts the app
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