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15:02 <andrew_____> Hey geoloqi, i got a question about the featureservice2trigger command
15:03 <andrew_____> so im trying to convert a feature service to triggers, and this is what i am passing:
15:03 <andrew_____> featureservice2trigger --clientId=g7L7BthrcX9vkxwG --clientSec ret=1c22bc7d85744c9190d65974bbc16f0d --serviceUrl=http://services.arcgis.com/Wl7 Y1m92PbjtJs5n/arcgis/rest/services/UC_1/FeatureServer/2 --notificationTemplate=" Welcome" --tag=esrievents
15:04 <andrew_____> however, I am getting this error
15:04 <andrew_____> Getting metadata for http://services.arcgis.com/Wl7Y1m92PbjtJs5n/arcgis/rest/ser vices/UC_1/FeatureServer/2 Success! Got metadata for http://services.arcgis.com/Wl7Y1m92PbjtJs5n/arcgis/res t/services/UC_1/FeatureServer/2 Requesting Features... TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined at Request.processRequest [as _callback] (C:\Users\andr7430\AppData\Roaming\ npm\node_modules\featureservice2trigger\featureserv
15:08 <patrickarlt> andrew_____: ill take a look but delete the application with that client id and secret now please
15:11 <patrickarlt> andrew_____: I know whats wrong but you really need to delete that app anyone can use your client secret now (which is very bad)
15:16 <andrew_____> ok got it, yea i should watched it before just pasting everything
15:17 <patrickarlt> andrew_____: you need to pass the idField option since your services id field isnt FID. Add --idField=OBJECTID to your params
15:29 <andrew_____> Awesome! That worked perfectly, thanks!
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