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10:06 <andrew____> Hey PDX, I got question about the geotrigger api/ how it conserves battery,
10:06 <andrew____> it is documented very well here
10:06 <andrew____> but i just want to confirm something
10:07 <josh-> andrew____: I'm one of the Geotrigger Service mobile devs. I can probably help you out :)
10:11 <andrew____> cool, so when you say "By minimizing the amount of time that your GPS and cellular chipsets need to be active" does it minimize the # of times onlocationupdate is called
10:11 <andrew____> or just the # of times that the location data is sent to the server?
10:12 <josh-> andrew____: both. we try to only use the GPS when we need to, based on proximity to triggers. we also queue up location updates and upload them in batches in order to minimize the number of requests we need to make
10:13 <josh-> the tracking profile determines how often we use the GPS and how often points are uploaded
10:16 <andrew____> ok, i was confused because i thought onlocationupdate was something within the google's android api, so is that why geotrigger needs the google play services?
10:16 <andrew____> *one of the reasons at least
10:19 <josh-> andrew____: Google's API has some similarly named methods, but the onLocationUpdate that we discuss as part of the SDK wraps up those native callbacks
10:19 <andrew____> oh oops yea just realized it's onLocationChanged
10:19 <josh-> oh yeah :)
10:20 <josh-> andrew____: I'm about to get on a plane. If you have more questions, feel free to contact geotriggersupport@esri.com
10:20 <josh-> I'll also probably be around later. my nick is usually hsoj
10:21 <andrew____> cool, thanks for clarifying!
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14:07 <awa> Greetings PDX
14:08 <awa> I got a quick question
15:51 <awa> So I have a customer who is looking to implement the realtime location tracking on the geoloqi api
15:53 <awa> however, they are hesitant because they are afraid that its going to be deprecated, so they are wondering if there will be something like that in the geotrigger api soon
15:53 <aaronpk> the geoloqi API is also no longer storing location history for apps, just using the location data to process triggers http://geoloqi.com/blog/2013/08/changes-to-location-history-storage-for-geoloqi-developers/
15:55 <awa> hmm ok, so if they want to do something like a mileage tracker, they will have to do it on their own now?
15:56 <aaronpk> yes, we've been optimizing for processing triggers rather than tracking raw location
15:57 <awa> interesting, thanks!
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