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01:24 <Loqi> [@mdylanrivera] happy birthday mapattack (http://twtr.io/iGEXVo5Spb)
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04:16 <Loqi> [@mmapatac] RT @mdylanrivera: happy birthday mapattack (http://twtr.io/iGVy125oJ8)
06:35 <Loqi> [@annikarys] Happy beeds marleeza mapattack 😛💕 (http://twtr.io/iGhSEpigwG)
06:45 <Loqi> [@mmapatac] RT @annikarys: Happy beeds marleeza mapattack 😛💕 (http://twtr.io/iGiJi1crnC)
06:53 <Loqi> [@doyleeamonn] Take 1 minute to see how you can Trigger using location http://video.esri.com/watch/3112/ersi-geotrigger-service (http://twtr.io/iGj2r86gvC)
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08:58 <Loqi> [@Curse_Manager] @SAM5000i miss the old days when I was watching your "Mapattack" videos. Still have the soundtrack in my head! (http://twtr.io/iGvFas5guA)
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14:44 <dr2391> Hi, I sent an email to support a few weeks ago and never got a response. I just updated to 1.0 thinking that maybe it was fixed but it isn't. I am having severe battery drain. I do use my own gps implementation while the app is open but I end it as soon as the app closes. I have confirmed this by disabling setupWithClientId in my app delegate. The problem is that the gps icon (filled in icon) stays active after I close the app. This
14:44 <dr2391> battery drain. As soon as I fully close the app (double tap home and swipe up) battery life goes back to normal and the geofence icon (outlined icon) shows up. I have confirmed that the geofences still trigger like this so I'm not sure what it is.
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