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07:20 <dr2391> Hi, in Objective C, when I receive a push notification the NSDictionary only contains a Geoloqi token along with aps. How do I use this token to find out the content of the push notification? I can't find any info on it
07:32 <aaronpk> dr2391: that doesn't sound right, you should be able to get the whole push payload from the SDK
07:34 <dr2391> thats all i get. just aps with the body, alert, etc and then theres geoloqi with only a token
07:34 <dr2391> im new to objective c though so im probably doing something stupid
07:34 <aaronpk> yeah that sounds right, that's all there is in a push notification
07:34 <aaronpk> what else are you expecting?
07:34 <dr2391> my question is, what do I do with the token?
07:35 <aaronpk> nothing, it's for internal use
07:35 <aaronpk> what are you trying to do exactly?
07:35 <dr2391> so how do I get the trigger id?
07:35 <dr2391> i just need the trigger id
07:36 <dr2391> actually the place id
07:36 <aaronpk> ah
07:37 <aaronpk> unfortunately that information doesn't come down with the push notification
07:37 <dr2391> so how would i open my app to the right page?
07:39 <aaronpk> you can set a URL on the trigger to a custom URL scheme your app defines, so that you can open the app to whatever content you need
07:40 <dr2391> alright ill try that
07:40 <dr2391> thanks
07:46 <aaronpk> cool. hopefully that ends up being more useful anyway, since you can use whatever identifier you want that way
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07:54 <dr2391> also, is there a way to change the alert to something other than default?
07:55 <aaronpk> the sound?
07:55 <dr2391> yeah
07:58 <aaronpk> the sound is set on the layer, not on a per-trigger basis
07:59 <aaronpk> but that feature is not enabled by default for apps
08:02 <dr2391> theres no parameter for it on layer/create
08:03 <aaronpk> yeah, it's not documented as part of the API, but if you email support@geoloqi.com with any layer IDs and sound names you want to set, we can set it if you're on a paid plan
08:06 <dr2391> alright thanks for your time aaron
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