01:20 <Loqi> [@Alex_Esser] @aaronpk Hey Buddy :) How did it go fo Geoloqi ? (http://twtr.io/cqMBe59jAf)
01:31 <Loqi> [@aaronpk] @Alex_Esser It's been great! We joined @esri a year ago today! Lots of exciting stuff coming down the pipeline! (http://aaronparecki.com/replies/2013/09/21/2/geoloqi) (http://twtr.io/cqMiPvP0Uo)
03:44 <Loqi> [@ntlk] You can leave me notes in a physical space that I will pick up when I find myself there http://geoloqi.com/ntlk (http://twtr.io/cq_68V45yQ)
06:30 <Loqi> [@ntlk] Geonote I left for myself on http://geoloqi.com/ntlk didn't get picked up, not sure why (http://twtr.io/cqp5a_jAaj)
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13:14 <Loqi> [@ntlk] OH "Geoloqi is like snapchats but you have to walk to them" (http://twtr.io/crRKDxLkWf)
13:17 <Loqi> [@ntlk] So yeah, leave me geo snapchats pls http://geoloqi.com/ntlk (http://twtr.io/crRbd_fovU)
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