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02:12 <jhgaylor> i'm a little cloudy on where subscriptions come into play. Does a user have to be subscribed to a layer in order to trigger triggers on that layer?
02:45 <jhgaylor> I found my answer here http://developers.geoloqi.com/api#Layers
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03:02 <Quizer> Hi. Need a Help with API
03:03 <Quizer> Can anybody help me with date format in trigger creating method
03:03 <Quizer> ?
03:25 <Quizer> ?
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08:28 <jhgaylor> is a user automatically subscribed to a layer they create?
08:28 <aaronpk> jhgaylor: no
08:28 <jhgaylor> aaronpk: thanks
08:33 <jhgaylor> are lat and long on a layer required? the docs suggest they are used w/ nearby but I have no plans to use nearby.
08:35 <aaronpk> they're not required
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08:56 <jhgaylor> aaronpk: thanks :)
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09:56 <jhgaylor> when a user triggers a trigger, the callback response has a field 'is_anonymous'. How can i know which anonymous user triggered it? in particular i'm using anon users w/ a key to use my own user auth
09:58 <aaronpk> the key should come back in the payload as well
09:59 <jhgaylor> aaronpk: awesome. that's what I figured but wasn't sure. thanks so much for being around to help me get acquainted w/ your service
09:59 <aaronpk> http://developers.geoloqi.com/api/trigger-callback (that example doesn't show it, but if there is a key set it will be included)
09:59 <aaronpk> np! gotta run for now
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13:24 <Loqi> https://twitter.com/berttemme :: To check out: location based game http://mapattack.org #devsummit
13:50 <Loqi> https://twitter.com/RobbInGIS :: Impressive mobile dev @ #DevSummit GeoLoqi acquisition is going to make someone @ #Esri look like a genius.
13:52 <Loqi> https://twitter.com/jm_peterson :: RT @RobbInGIS: Impressive mobile dev @ #DevSummit GeoLoqi acquisition is going to make someone @ #Esri look like a genius.
14:26 <Loqi> https://twitter.com/spara :: “@TonyMonsour: Geotrigger appears to be the front runner for esri innovation at the 2013 #devsummit” &lt
14:26 <Loqi> elide from GeoLoqi
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15:26 <bdiu> I'm having problems getting the Android SDK/Sample to compile.... any clue where the problem is? http://www.screencast.com/t/29DCU4Iwypz
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