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11:17 <webchat412> hello?
11:18 <webchat412> anyone alive in here?
11:18 <aaronpk> webchat412: hello
11:20 <webchat412> im new to geoloqi , trying to implement the Android sample from Github, but im unclear about where to find the "client id"
11:20 <webchat412> are u familiar with what im talking about
11:20 <aaronpk> yes, you'll need an account at developers.geoloqi.com
11:20 <aaronpk> then you can create an application, and you'll get the client id there
11:20 <webchat412> i have one and i made a "new app" as well
11:21 <aaronpk> it's actuallycalled "API Key" on the developer site
11:23 <webchat412> and all i need to do to get the android samples working is add the api key into the geoloqi.properties.sample file right
11:23 <aaronpk> correct
11:23 <webchat412> no need for the api secret
11:23 <aaronpk> right
11:23 <aaronpk> api secret is if you're writing server-side code
11:24 <webchat412> and if ive done everything right then when i run the app and select a tracker profile what is suppose to happen
11:25 <aaronpk> nothing unless you've also configured some geotrigger rules
11:26 <webchat412> alright thank you!
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