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12:56 <jerrysv> heya boris
12:56 <the_boris> hey jerry
12:57 <jerrysv> patricka_: meet boris, he's the one with questions about dojo and esri
12:57 <jerrysv> (he's chatting in person about something else so should respond soon)
12:57 <the_boris> k
12:57 <jerrysv> we're demoing terraformer
12:58 <the_boris> cool.
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13:14 <patricka_> hi the_boris
13:14 <the_boris> hey
13:14 <patricka_> jerry was saying you has some thoughts on the arcgis api
13:14 <the_boris> yeah....
13:14 <jerrysv> dojo integration specifically
13:15 <the_boris> in our specific implementation we're using dojo all the time
13:15 <the_boris> and esri stuff sometimes
13:15 <the_boris> since esri js api contains dojo, it's a bit silly to load dojo twice
13:15 <patricka_> yeah
13:16 <the_boris> but all workarounds we have at the moment, like renaming the packages in djconfig, still lead us to having two versions of dojo
13:16 <the_boris> one is loaded by default by the application, and the other one when the mapping module is loaded
13:16 <patricka_> right so what version of dojo do you want to use?
13:16 <patricka_> 1.8.3?
13:17 <the_boris> 1.8.* was when we started to have major issues with this
13:17 <the_boris> as at the time even esri js api 3.2 was only working with 1.7.3
13:18 <patricka_> so now its up to using 1.8.0 in 3.3. I think the plan is to support dojo 1.8.3 in arcgis version 3.4
13:18 <the_boris> it almost seems like there is a missing "i brought my own dojo" setting in the esri api
13:18 <jerrysv> there's also a missing "let me not use dojo" setting
13:18 <patricka_> there isnt but there should be
13:19 <patricka_> theoretically you COULD copy the compressed arcgis js source out of http://serverapi.arcgisonline.com/jsapi/arcgis/3.3/
13:19 <the_boris> i've tried the local install, so i can separate them out.
13:20 <patricka_> and write it to your own file and then use your own dojo
13:20 <the_boris> the init.js file has two sections - the first one defines dojo, the other one defines esri stuff
13:20 <the_boris> i can comment out THEIR dojo, and just use mine, but i'm still limited to 1.7.3
13:21 <the_boris> and all the esri stuff doesn't work quite right
13:21 <the_boris> for example, doing require('esri/Map') breaks stuff.
13:21 <the_boris> but esri.Map is somehow magically pulled when i do require('init')
13:22 <the_boris> it's just clumsy. i've complained to jerry about it quite a bit
13:22 <jerrysv> he complained to me about it before i even knew who esri was :)
13:22 <the_boris> i would love to hear your thoughts
13:23 <jerrysv> 3.4 is due out when?
13:23 <patricka_> March i think
13:23 <the_boris> just before the dev summit?
13:23 <patricka_> yeah
13:24 <the_boris> k. does 3.4 address any of this?
13:24 <the_boris> to your best knowledge
13:24 <patricka_> no
13:24 <the_boris> k
13:24 <the_boris> maybe i'll raise my hand in a general session at the summit. :|
13:24 <jerrysv> but 3.4 should allow for 1.8.3, correct?
13:24 <patricka_> there is a push to get everything converted to the new AMD style require/define which should be helpful
13:25 <jerrysv> patricka_: we should also present this argument to jeremy and derek
13:25 <patricka_> ill bring up the idea of a "bring your own dojo" verion of the api for people who use dojo everywhere but arcgis sometimes
13:25 <the_boris> that would be. our use of esri stuff is secondary to our use of dojo. i'm sure we're not the only ones.
13:26 <the_boris> and once you load esri's dojo, you have to redo all your modulepaths, or it tries to pull them from the esri server
13:27 <patricka_> you have a pretty solid argument, its like if google maps overwrote your copy of jquery or something
13:27 <the_boris> exactly
13:28 <patricka_> would you be ok with instead of overriding the module paths esri added theirs to any existing ones?
13:28 <the_boris> it would be an improvement.
13:28 <the_boris> i think "esri js api uses dojo" isn't very honest
13:28 <the_boris> not in a sense of dependencies
13:29 <the_boris> so if someone already using dojo wants to add esri stuff, and they think "ok, great, i already use dojo, this should work"... they're in for a surprise
13:30 <patricka_> i can imagine. So what version of dojo are you using in your application just so i know?
13:30 <the_boris> currently 1.7.3
13:30 <patricka_> ok
13:30 <the_boris> because we're using esri js api
13:31 <the_boris> i've tried going up to 1.8.*, and things just broke
13:31 <the_boris> and with dojo, it's hard to tell what
13:31 <the_boris> their error messages are sometimes not very useful
13:31 <patricka_> ok so let me see if i can summarize
13:32 <patricka_> you have an application currently written in dojo 1.7.3
13:32 <the_boris> y
13:32 <patricka_> that needs to use the esri arcgis api in some places
13:32 <the_boris> y
13:33 <patricka_> you want to upgrade your application to dojo 1.8.3 but when you try to esri js messes with your module paths and things break because dojo is being loaded twice
13:33 <the_boris> yes, but some of that happens even without upgrading to 1.8.3
13:33 <patricka_> you dont want to load the esri js on every page because it is very large and not used everywhere
13:33 <the_boris> correct
13:33 <patricka_> ok great
13:34 <patricka_> just wanted to make sure i understood
13:34 <the_boris> yep.
13:34 <the_boris> are you esri or geoloqi?
13:35 <patricka_> geoloqi now at esri im starting to work with js team on some projects
13:35 <the_boris> ok. cool.
13:36 <the_boris> brb
13:37 <jerrysv> the_boris: the geoloqi channel was just very convenient
13:48 <the_boris> yeah, that makes sense
13:48 <the_boris> and this is the AMD way of doing what we've already done.
13:49 <the_boris> at this point, we either have esri js everywhere, even when we don't need it, or we have two versions of dojo when we're using esri js.
13:55 <patricka_> ill write this up and talk with the js team lead about it.
13:55 <the_boris> thanks
13:56 <patricka_> its a pretty bad practice on our end to not namespace our packaged version of dojo at very least
13:56 <jerrysv> patricka_: you're still sharing your screen in the conference room
13:56 <jerrysv> thanks
13:56 <patricka_> thanks
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