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12:44 <Loqi> https://twitter.com/singly :: We're partnering with @puppetlabs, @geoloqi and @networkredux for APIs &amp
12:44 <Loqi> IPAs in Portland. Get tix before we run out! http://pdxapipa.eventbrite.com/
12:57 <Azra-el> hey guys... any way to delete all users at once? :)
12:57 <aaronpk> nope, but would be a pretty simple script to write
12:58 <Azra-el> yeah just checking if there is one before actualy writing it
12:58 <Azra-el> also thanks for the email aaron :) create_anon works great on node.js ... and we'll check it soon on titanium
12:59 <aaronpk> great! I sent back an email with a new titanium module
13:00 <Azra-el> one question... it seems that if from mobile ..device_id is needed.. should i forward that from the phone to nodejs and include it in the create_anon or not? and ... just by initializing geoloqi with an existing token? in your gist you run geoloqi.init and only in onsuccess you set the token.. does that by any chance create an extra user ?
13:01 <aaronpk> it doesn't create an extra user because of the extra config setting, `allowAnonymousUsers: 0` which disables the automatic user creattion
13:02 <Azra-el> ok great
13:02 <Azra-el> and that should be all right?
13:02 <aaronpk> I don't think we need the device_id, that really only comes into play when dealing with push notifications, but if you're using Urban Airship for that, it won't be needed
13:03 <Azra-el> ok great. yeah... we're handling our own urban_airship token aquisition somewhere else
13:03 <Azra-el> thanks
13:03 <Azra-el> hope we dont get into any more brick walls
13:04 <aaronpk> great!
13:14 <Azra-el> aaron .. if you're still here.. im curious ... what's your method of testing stuff? assuming i have a build on my phone with the propper initialization... and the user is subscribbed to a know layer.. how can i test hitting certain points?
13:16 <patrickarlt> you go out and run a trail then download the json (via the api) and you can replay the points
13:17 <Azra-el> lol ... that involves running :D
13:18 <Azra-el> location/update has any effect?
13:24 <patrickarlt> it basically fakes out the api on the location of you phone
13:24 <patrickarlt> if you hit any triggers then those triggers will run
13:25 <Azra-el> great.. so i can manually hit that with a good place i know there's a trigger and it will trigger it
13:25 <aaronpk> yes, it's best to first send a location update for a ways away from the trigger, wait a few seconds, then send one inside the trigger
13:27 <Azra-el> ok.. and that works for both dwell type trigger and imediate?
13:27 <Loqi> https://twitter.com/kinlane :: RT @singly: We're partnering with @puppetlabs, @geoloqi and @networkredux for APIs &amp
13:27 <Loqi> IPAs in Portland. Get tix before we run out! ht ...
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17:21 <Loqi> https://twitter.com/twobillionideas :: Weds, 1/16: Geoloqi/Erai hosts Portland Lunch 2.0 http://calagator.org/events/1250463118
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