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12:03 <doogs> i don't think it's a title belt winner... but I uploaded a project with web maps including a geoloqi entry point for the foursquare hackathon ...here's my video and project .. vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1KIHmEX1mM and project page: https://www.hackerleague.org/hackathons/foursquare-hackathon-2013/hacks/globebeta-geotrigger-notifications
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15:36 <zoli> hello. somebody could help me regarding a question about geoloqi titanium module?
15:38 <patrickarlt> zoli: whats up?
15:40 <zoli> in the titanium module is it possible to detect the error type somehow in the onFailure part?
15:41 <zoli> I would like to detect 409 Conflict, when I am using the key parameter
15:42 <patrickarlt> with what methods?
15:43 <patrickarlt> you should get the error type back in the data variablehttp://developers.geoloqi.com/titanium/getting-started#making-api-requests
15:43 <Loqi> I agree
15:44 <patrickarlt> see how onFailure is getting a `data` variable passed into it you should be able to get information about an error there
15:44 <patrickarlt> if that doesnt work try adding an onError method to the callbacks object so you will have onFailure, onError and onSuccess
15:45 <zoli> unfortenately there is not enough information in the data parameter in the onFailure method to detect 409, but I will try onError
15:54 <zoli> ok. I checked again in case of 409 response from geoloqi(verified in debug console). only onFailure method gets called and the response data object is: {"type":"onFailure","error_code":"0","source":{"id":"ti.geoloqi"},"error_description":"(null)"}
16:00 <patrickarlt> hummmm
16:00 <patrickarlt> josh could you take a look at this it looks like the onFailure callback isn't getting the data from the api
16:00 <patrickarlt> hsoj_: ^^
16:01 <hsoj_> sure. gimme a sec to read through the scrollback
16:02 <hsoj_> zoli: are you developing for android, iOS, or both?
16:03 <zoli> just for iOS
16:05 <hsoj_> zoli: ok. I'm going to dig around in the source code to figure out if the error_code passed into onFailure is actually coming from the API or if it's being generated in the Geoloqi Ti module
16:06 <zoli> hsoj_: ok. thanks
16:21 <hsoj_> zoli, it looks like it's not currently possible to detect the 409 Conflict because error codes are not being returned directly from the API
16:23 <zoli> then what can I do, because I have to detect 409 to get my code working?
16:24 <zoli> here is what the documentation says: "...409 Conflict indicating the object already exists. This means your code can proceed as if a new object was created, and Geoloqi will not have created a duplicate entry."
16:26 <hsoj_> aaronpk: any ideas for zoli?
16:29 <aaronpk> hmm
16:29 <aaronpk> It'll also return a "Location" header, is there a way to get the headers of the previous request?
16:37 <zoli> according to the documentation: "Instead, you will get the same object back as if you had created the item new"
16:37 <aaronpk> sorry, yes, that's the Rest API docs. I meant in the Titanium module
16:39 <zoli> I should get back the object like the doc says, otherwise I can't work with this module
16:39 <Loqi> I agree
16:43 <aaronpk> zoli: we're looking into it
16:45 <zoli> how long it would take to find a workable solution? could you get back at me with an answer in mail?
16:45 <aaronpk> sure, can you PM me your email address?
16:45 <zoli> yes
16:45 <zoli> thanks
16:46 <zoli> I've sent you my email address
16:46 <aaronpk> got it, thanks
16:47 <zoli> I hope to hear from you soon. thanks for you're help. bye
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