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06:15 <beoliveira> Hi! Anyone from Geoloqi? I need some help with Geoloqi on Titanium.
07:54 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/webmappery :: @bartvdeijnden mapbox lijkt inderdaad een volgende in het rijtje van geoiq en geoloqi..
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10:17 <beoliveira> Hi! Anyone from Geoloqi? I need some help with Geoloqi for Titanium.
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10:21 <patrickarlt> beoliveira: absolutly whats up?
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10:32 <beoliveira> Hi patrick
10:32 <beoliveira> I'm having some difficulties on setting up anonymous users with the layer I created on the website
10:33 <beoliveira> I created an app and a public layer on the web. I also used the online editor to create my places.
10:33 <beoliveira> On my Titanium app, I pass the layer id on the layerIds parameter on the geoloqi.init function
10:33 <patrickarlt> beoliveira: sounds good did you create the layer on developers.geoloqi.com under your app or at geoloqi.com? they are different
10:34 <beoliveira> Developers. Yeah
10:34 <patrickarlt> ok good
10:34 <beoliveira> So, I get subscription successful
10:34 <patrickarlt> ok
10:34 <beoliveira> But I want to confirm my user is subscribed to that layer and the triggers I created on the online editor will be activated when my user goes inside the geo-fence.
10:35 <beoliveira> When I call layer/list it always brings me the same random layer
10:35 <beoliveira> But not the layer I subscribed to
10:35 <beoliveira> "layer_id" = 37VP;
10:36 <patrickarlt> ok so when you use the console make sure you are authenticated as your application and call layer list with the user_id of your user
10:37 <beoliveira> Well, I'm not using the console. I do a getRequest for layer/list
10:38 <patrickarlt> hummm
10:38 <beoliveira> If I want my users to be anonymous users, I can just set up on geoloqi,init, right?
10:38 <beoliveira> O do I need to run geoloqi.createUser() after geoloqi.init?
10:38 <patrickarlt> threre might be a bug in the init function... can you try making a `postRequest` to layer/subscribe/ID
10:38 <beoliveira> I'm also doing that.
10:39 <patrickarlt> no geoloqi init will create a user for you. try putting a call to layer subscribe in the success callback
10:39 <beoliveira> Great
10:39 <beoliveira> Well, here's what I'm doing
10:39 <beoliveira> geoloqi.init with my layer id on the layerIds param. As: layerIds: [my_layer_id]
10:39 <beoliveira> I get subscribed = 1 as Response.
10:40 <beoliveira> Then I do a postRequest to layer/subscribe/my_layer_id
10:40 <beoliveira> passing the object { user_id: geoloqi.session.getUserId() }
10:40 <beoliveira> On Success, I do a getRequest to layer/list just to make sure my user is now subscribed
10:41 <beoliveira> And it gives me only one layer
10:41 <beoliveira> "layer_id" = 37VP;
10:41 <beoliveira> Which is not the layer I'm subscribing to.
10:41 <beoliveira> I have no idea what layer is that.
10:41 <beoliveira> When I try to access its url, it says I have no permission.
10:42 <patrickarlt> did you make your layer a public layer? you can change it in the settings on the developers website
10:42 <beoliveira> I just want to create my places on the online editor and subscribe all my app users to the layer that contains those places, so they can receive messages when joining the geo-fences.
10:42 <beoliveira> Yeah, the layer I'm subscribing to is public.
10:42 <beoliveira> Do you want the id?
10:43 <patrickarlt> yeah sure
10:43 <beoliveira> It's 38Qd
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10:46 <patrickarlt> beoliveira: hs0j has been working on this issue he can help you out
10:46 <beoliveira> Oh, great!
10:47 <beoliveira> So, how do we it? Anything wrong with my layer?
10:52 <beoliveira> hsoj: Hi?
10:55 <beoliveira> Hi? Anyone?
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11:02 <hs0j> Hi beoliveira, are you developing for iOS?
11:02 <hs0j> sorry for dropping out, we're having some issues with our connection right now
11:04 <beoliveira> It's ok
11:04 <beoliveira> I'm developing for iOS using Titanium.
11:06 <beoliveira> So, baiscally what I was talking to patrick about is this:
11:06 <beoliveira> I just want to create my places on the online editor and subscribe all my app users to the layer that contains those places, so they can receive messages when joining the geo-fences.
11:06 <beoliveira> I created an app on developers.geoloqi and created a public layer (ID: 38Qd)
11:07 <hs0j> beoliveira: are you trying to specify layerIds or groupTokens in the call to geoloqi.init() ?
11:07 <beoliveira> I also created a place inside that layer using the online editor
11:07 <beoliveira> Yes, layerIds: ['38Qd']
11:07 <beoliveira> It says
11:07 <beoliveira> Response: { "layer_id" = 38Qd
11:07 <beoliveira> subscribed = 1
11:07 <beoliveira> } error:(null)
11:08 <beoliveira> After that, just to make sure, I do a postRequest to layer/subscribe/38Qd
11:08 <beoliveira> It says:
11:08 <beoliveira> response = { "layer_id" = 38Qd
11:08 <beoliveira> subscribed = 1
11:08 <beoliveira> }
11:08 <beoliveira> type = onSuccess
11:08 <beoliveira> source = "[object TiGeoloqiLQSession]"
11:08 <beoliveira> }
11:08 <beoliveira> Then I do a getRequest to layer/list
11:08 <beoliveira> And it says:
11:08 <beoliveira> Response: { layers = ( { description = "Leave yourself a message in a location!"
11:08 <beoliveira> "layer_id" = 37VP
11:08 <beoliveira> name = Geonotes
11:08 <beoliveira> public = 0
11:08 <beoliveira> "public_userlist" = 0
11:08 <beoliveira> subscribed = 1
11:08 <beoliveira> type = default
11:08 <hs0j> that's a known bug that I fixed yesterday. I will be updating the module on the apcelerator marketplace later today
11:09 <beoliveira> That layer id 37VP, I have no idea what that is.
11:09 <beoliveira> Oh, I see.
11:09 <hs0j> if you'd like to msg me your email, I can send you and updated zip
11:09 <beoliveira> Awesome, yeah
11:09 <beoliveira> So, just to make sure
11:10 <beoliveira> In order for my users to be able to receive messages when joining the geo-fences I set up on the online editor
11:10 <beoliveira> All I need to do is pass the layer id on geoloqi.init?
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