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06:24 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/achaido :: På väg hem till hotellet, för att hämta upp @karstendc &amp
06:24 <Loqi> Co. packning och lämna av oss själva. http://geoloqi.com/trips/EF05B1G
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09:18 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/ptxster :: How to test a platform for location-based services? Build a real-life pac-man game http://mapattack.org/
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23:51 <Scott_> hi there - anyone around?
23:52 <ScottSilvi> In case somebody shows up ... I met Robin tonight at Startup Weekend and she suggested we utilize a variation DinoDeals app in our demo tomorrow. I am not a ruby or titanium developer, but I'm working my way through the readme's
23:53 <ScottSilvi> when I run the `bundle exec rake categories:create` command, I'm receiving a "rake aborted! missing_auth - No access token or client authentication was found (400)" error
23:54 <ScottSilvi> when I run heroku config, I see the environment variables set up, which I presume are what ENV["geoloqi_client_id"] ends up calling
23:54 <ScottSilvi> hoping somebody in here has an idea