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10:58 <caseorganic> Web: events.activedayton.com/search?st=event
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10:58 <bbaldwin> .
11:05 <bbaldwin> aaronpk: where is teh php code?
11:05 <aaronpk> i will add it to that repo
11:09 <aaronpk> bbaldwin: what is your github username?
11:14 <bbaldwin> aaronpk: bobbaldwin
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11:20 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/ryepdx :: Hacking on a PDX Reporter-like app for NYC in Picard at @geoloqi. #crisiscamp #cyborgcamp
11:29 <bbaldwin> aaronpk: donde esta el repo?
11:29 <aaronpk> https://github.com/geoloqi/Geo-Calendar (it's private for now, but I added you)
11:29 <bbaldwin> cool
11:29 <bbaldwin> 404
11:41 <bbaldwin> caseorganic: can you give me the URL of an example ICS feed you'd like imported? no dice with http://events.activedayton.com/ical/index?new=n&srad=25&st=event&svt=text
11:42 <caseorganic> The only other ones I have are http://events.activedayton.com/search?new=n&rss=1&srad=25&st=event&svt=text&swhat=&swhen=&swhere= and events.activedayton.com/search?st=event
11:42 <caseorganic> http://events.activedayton.com/ical/ is not working?
11:42 <caseorganic> hmm
11:45 <bbaldwin> caseorganic: there's no content in those
11:46 <caseorganic> feed://events.activedayton.com/search?new=n&rss=1&srad=25&st=event&svt=text&swhat=&swhen=&swhere=
11:47 <caseorganic> bbaldwin: http://otrec.us/events
11:58 <caseorganic> Bring your events to life
11:58 <caseorganic> Import a calendar file into Geoloqi and get notified of events in your area before they happen
11:58 <caseorganic> aaronpk: ^^
12:02 <aaronpk> woooo
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12:30 <caseorganic> another example: http://www.daytoncvb.com/events-calendar/
12:31 <kyledrake> USE ALL THE UUID
12:31 <kyledrake> USE ALL THE UUIDS
12:31 <bbaldwin> Loqi: hey
12:31 <Loqi> ACTION grins profusely
12:31 <bbaldwin> :-D
12:32 <caseorganic> we use all the uuids
12:34 <bbaldwin> Loqi: do you know casebot?
12:34 <bbaldwin> Loqi: red or blue?
12:34 <Loqi> blue
12:34 <bbaldwin> cool
12:34 <kyledrake> Good morning, Loqi
12:34 <aaronpk> it's afternoon now :)
12:34 <kyledrake> Good afternoon, Loqi
12:35 <aaronpk> !weather
12:35 <Loqi> Clear and 63 degrees
12:35 <caseorganic> !quote GM
12:35 <caseorganic> gives Loqi a sandwich
12:35 <Loqi> ACTION gives back the sandwich
12:35 <caseorganic> what is casebot
12:36 <caseorganic> what is casebot?
12:36 <caseorganic> hits Loqi with a large fish
12:36 <kyledrake> HEY LOQI HOWS IT GOING MAN
12:36 <kyledrake> HOW IS YOUR DAY MAN
12:36 <kyledrake> WOOOO
12:36 <bbaldwin> caseorganic: lol
12:36 <bbaldwin> Loqi: PHP or ruby?
12:36 <Loqi> PHP
12:37 <bbaldwin> word
12:37 <bbaldwin> Loqi: n00b
12:37 <bbaldwin> Loqi: man Loqi
12:37 <bbaldwin> Loqi: help
12:37 <aaronpk> think of loqi as more of a lurker than a bot
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12:52 <caseorganic> Loqi likes beer
12:52 <caseorganic> gives Loqi a beer
12:52 <Loqi> ACTION steps on the beer
13:02 <bbaldwin> Loqi: how do you transfer a number from Verizon to Google?
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19:50 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/teenthongs :: Marcelina Duquaine liked jack dangermond - Geoloqi Blog: With so many applications, it was fun to talk with peopleā€¦ http://mepene.com/332102370587014
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21:58 <Vruba> Oh yeah, this server.
21:59 <Vruba> Saw you too late to say hi while I was in line at the Robin Sloan reading, Reid. Hi.