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01:24 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/lbruning :: heeeeeey PDX - Wearable Computing Hackathon – Sunday, Nov 4th at Geoloqi headquarters. Go. Share. Do. #eTextiles http://portland.cyborgcamp.com/2012/10/crisis-commons-hurricane-sandy-wearable-computing-hackathon/
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08:09 <hawyphp> hi
08:09 <aaronpk> hello
08:09 <hawyphp> i'm asking for a little help ?
08:09 <aaronpk> sure, what's your question?
08:10 <hawyphp> i wanna try geoloqi module as a demo user
08:11 <hawyphp> how can i get a demo clientid
08:11 <aaronpk> you can sign up on our developer site http://developers.geoloqi.com
08:11 <hawyphp> but there are no free plans
08:12 <hawyphp> the minimun is 19$/mo
08:14 <hawyphp> great.. thanks a lot i didn't saw this on the following page http://developers.geoloqi.com/pricing?id=appcelerator
08:14 <Loqi> you're welcome
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12:38 <hawyphp> hello
12:40 <hawyphp> can i've a small help reagarding Dino Deals app ?
12:44 <hawyphp> ok thanks :)
14:30 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/patrickarlt :: @Hawyphp DId you need some help with Geoloqi earlier?
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14:36 <hawyphp> hello
14:39 <hawyphp> patrickarlt: there ?
14:43 <patrickarlt> `hi
14:43 <patrickarlt> whats up
14:44 <hawyphp> hi
14:44 <hawyphp> you are doing a good job really .. thanks for you , aaronpk and all the stuff
14:45 <hawyphp> i'm trying to run Dino Deals app to test it before using geoloqi but i'm facing some problems
14:45 <patrickarlt> yeah whats going on?
14:46 <hawyphp> on android the deals tab won't show any deals
14:46 <patrickarlt> have you gotten push notifications about deals?
14:46 <hawyphp> btw i'm working with the titanium module
14:46 <hawyphp> no
14:47 <patrickarlt> have you subscribed to deals in the categories tab?
14:47 <hawyphp> yup
14:48 <patrickarlt> where are you located? the app only works in the us (we are limited by the reach of the sqoot api)
14:48 <hawyphp> ops !
14:48 <hawyphp> Egypt
14:48 <patrickarlt> if you want to simulate location in the US we have a tool you can use https://github.com/geoloqi/location-simulator
14:49 <patrickarlt> it comes with a path that will run around portland (where i know there are deals)
14:49 <hawyphp> mm ok away of the demo version on the store
14:50 <hawyphp> i'm facing problems also in deploying the web folder in heroku servers
14:50 <hawyphp> but at the end it gives me error at my heroku domain
14:50 <patrickarlt> yeah Heroku changed their platform i need to fix that repo its been on my list
14:51 <patrickarlt> ill see if i can get a fix for the server component tomorrow on github tomorrow
14:51 <hawyphp> there are no quick workarounds i can do now ?
14:51 <patrickarlt> yeah hang on a sec
14:51 <hawyphp> mmm i'm very thankful for you .. the problem that i have to complete a demo on a few hours !
14:52 <hawyphp> ok take your time
14:53 <patrickarlt> ok make a file called Procfile in the root of the heroku app (where Gemfile and everything else is) it should contain this https://gist.github.com/6b555312321ddb387f82
14:53 <patrickarlt> then add it, commit it and push that up to heroku
14:54 <patrickarlt> that should work
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14:56 <hawyphp> ok i will try it now
14:56 <hawyphp> thanks a lot
14:57 <patrickarlt> to use that location simulator tool you will also need your users access_token which you should able to get by going here http://developers.geoloqi.com/account/applications and clicking on debug and then opening the app
14:58 <patrickarlt> the give the simulator your access token client id (API key) and client secret (api secret) and your users access_token and should see more locations coming in in the debug window from portland
14:59 <hawyphp> thanks a lot .. but what about if i want to simulate locations from egypt e.g.
14:59 <hawyphp> can i send static json data with the same structure for deals data
15:01 <patrickarlt> you can make your own json file just make it look like this https://github.com/geoloqi/location-simulator/blob/master/routes/pdx-commute.json
15:01 <patrickarlt> you can also use our new api console to send push messages to your device
15:02 <hawyphp> great
15:03 <hawyphp> i did the Procfile fix but still have errors in logs
15:04 <hawyphp> can i pvt you with it ?
15:06 <patrickarlt> can you dump the logs into a gist
15:09 <patrickarlt> you need to rename config.yml.template to config.yml
15:10 <patrickarlt> i should have mentioned that in the readme
15:10 <Loqi> agreed.
15:10 <patrickarlt> thanks Loqi
15:10 <Loqi> you're welcome
15:15 <hawyphp> updated
15:20 <hawyphp> i mean the gist updated with a new error log
15:27 <hawyphp> help !
15:28 <aaronpk> looks like still no config.yml file exists?
15:28 <aaronpk> patrickarlt is in another meeting right now
15:30 <hawyphp> i renamed it and pushed
15:30 <hawyphp> i don't need to edit it , right ? it will take the config variables from app configuration ( Env )
15:34 <hawyphp> mm ok i will try to handle this problem but i have 2 more questions ?
15:35 <hawyphp> i saw on the app.js file that there is a tab ( Nearby Deals ) pointing to a not exist file ( map.js ) is this file done ??
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15:49 <patrickarlt> hawyphp: can you post more logs from heroku?
15:50 <hawyphp> this is the only error log that i get
15:50 <hawyphp> i wonder if there is a php alternative for this ruby code ?
15:50 <patrickarlt> you will need to git add . && git commit -am"add config" && git push heroku master
15:50 <patrickarlt> there is no php alternate
15:50 <hawyphp> yup i do all this steps each time
15:52 <patrickarlt> you should be getting a different error if you have config.yml in the heroku repo
15:54 <hawyphp> i know that but to be sure
15:54 <hawyphp> when i run the above commands
15:54 <hawyphp> i must be in ( web ) directory , right ?
15:54 <patrickarlt> yes
15:55 <hawyphp> ok i will try again with removing all files at heroku and push a new version of them
15:55 <hawyphp> but i have 2 questions
15:55 <hawyphp> can i ?
16:04 <patrickarlt> try moving the web folder out of the dino deals folder and starting over
16:04 <hawyphp> ok i will
16:05 <hawyphp> thanks a lot for your help
16:05 <hawyphp> i've 2 more questions
16:06 <hawyphp> the first about (Nearby Deals) window in Titanium app .. is it finished ?
16:07 <patrickarlt> yeah it should be
16:07 <hawyphp> but there is no map.js file on windows folder
16:08 <patrickarlt> oh shoot i must have commited that comment out lines 130-135 and it should stop complaining
16:09 <hawyphp> i'm asking if you have a draft or uncompleted version of it .. can you share it , because this is the main feature i have to demonstrate
16:09 <hawyphp> no it's not complaining .. i'm just asking if the map.js file available
16:10 <hawyphp> it won't complain because you didn't make a tab on the tabgroup
16:12 <patrickarlt> its not i havnt had time to work on it
16:15 <hawyphp> ok thanks .. if i finished one today i will share it with you
16:15 <hawyphp> thanks for your help & time
16:19 <patrickarlt> I have not if you want to demonstrate places on a map you can use our layer editor and show off the layers
16:19 <patrickarlt> http://developers.geoloqi.com/account/layers then add a layer to your app. You can show the layer at http://geoloqi.com/layers/YOUR_LAYER_ID
16:21 <hawyphp> great , thanks
16:27 <patrickarlt> that would be awesome. I'm going to work on getting the heroku stuff working again. I havnt maintained it when they updated their platform
16:27 <hawyphp> and it works now after starting all over again .. thanks for your help
16:28 <hawyphp> good luck. you are really doing a great work
16:29 <patrickarlt> i think the issue was with it being in the same folder as the rest of the dino deals stuff
16:30 <hawyphp> no i just copied the files and deleted all the files in web dir
16:30 <hawyphp> then push to delete them from heroku
16:30 <hawyphp> after that i copied the files again in the same dir and pushed and it works now
16:31 <hawyphp> i wish i can get a working demo version in the coming hours
16:31 <hawyphp> lol :D
16:38 <hawyphp> on android emulator the categories tab show the activity indicator loading and stuck on it
16:39 <patrickarlt> that would because the server isn't runnign
16:40 <hawyphp> i did as mentioned here
16:40 <hawyphp> Once you have deployed the server asd the url of the server to config.js as baseURL (trailing slash required).
16:40 <hawyphp> Once you have deployed the server asd the url of the server to config.js as baseURL (trailing slash required).
16:40 <hawyphp> csifac.mans.edu.eg/plan1-ar.html
16:41 <hawyphp> and also updated the rest of the config options ( clientid , clientsecret )
16:42 <patrickarlt> the base url will be the url you get from heroku
16:42 <hawyphp> yup i did that
16:42 <hawyphp> and the url is working now
16:42 <hawyphp> the config.yml problem has been fixed
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16:46 <patrickarlt> ok so you should be good to go then
16:46 <patrickarlt> nothing else in the heroku error logs
16:47 <hawyphp_> i will check it
16:51 <hawyphp_> Geoloqi::ApiError - invalid_token (401): 2012-10-31T23:37:38+00:00 app[web.1]: /app/env.rb:75:in `run'
16:52 <patrickarlt> ok something is really strange here... I'm going to have to look at this tonight
16:52 <patrickarlt> if you just want to show places on a map you should really look at the layer editor
16:54 <hawyphp_> ok i will .. but i don't want to show just places .. i want to show deals while the user walks near them
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