07:52 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/GeoWorldMag :: We posted two new GeoCast audio interviews on our homepage. We interviewed Amber Case, CEO of Geoloqi, which was... http://www.geoplace.com/ME2/Default.asp
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12:54 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/caseorganic :: "White code editor background? It's after Labor Day!" - @kenichi_pdx to @kyledrake at @geoloqi HQ.
13:30 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/PeteLupiano :: Feeling inspired, I have been fooling around with the @Geoloqi API for #titanium. So far so good.....
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15:35 <doogs> hey patrick? you there...its Doug C...
15:37 <doogs> kyle... you in there?
16:05 <patrickarlt> he is a little busy can i help?
16:10 <doogs> hey
16:11 <doogs> looks like the map in http://geoloqi.com/map is busted..
16:14 <patrickarlt> doogs how so?
16:15 <patrickarlt> im looking at mine and its fine?
16:15 <doogs> when it loads on my end I do not get a map... at work and at home
16:16 <doogs> do I need to have geotriggers in my account for it to show me something...?
16:16 <patrickarlt> it should load any places and geotriggers you have made
16:16 <patrickarlt> they will appear at orange pins
16:17 <doogs> I made one and did not see it...
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16:17 <patrickarlt> did you make it in the app or on the webpage
16:18 <doogs> as far as expected behavior should a base map show ... if Zero geotriggers are assocated with an account?
16:18 <doogs> i did it on the webpage
16:18 <patrickarlt> a map should always show... hummm
16:18 <patrickarlt> let me check something
16:18 <patrickarlt> its possible there is an error if you have no places/geotriggers
16:19 <doogs> yeah cool... it says in firebug / chome ... Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'location' of null
16:20 <patrickarlt> ok comfirmed there is a bug if your account does not have any location data associated with it yet
16:20 <patrickarlt> so if you install geonotes and login you will see a map here, and ill get this bug fixed
16:21 <doogs> ok :) good to know...
16:22 <doogs> have a good weekend ... I hope to get some geotriggers set up on my droid...
16:23 <patrickarlt> yeah just download the geonotes app and login and you can get around the bug ill get this fixed before i leave work today
16:24 <patrickarlt> thanks for reporting it
16:24 <doogs> np
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16:43 <patrickarlt> doogs: you should see a map now
16:51 <patrickarlt> doogs: if you could confirm that It works now that would be great I just tested it myself but I like to be through
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18:42 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/jerrysievert :: just finished week 2 at @geoloqi, and i never imagined that a place could be so great to work at. very excited for week 3.
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