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08:30 <etnatrai_> hi there, going on with experimentation of the geoloqi titanium module;)
08:31 <etnatrai_> I have a problem: when I simulate the execution of a trigger (via trigger/run), the push is received by the app deployed on the device, but the url configured at the trigger creation time is not received by the app
08:32 <etnatrai_> Titanium has a Ti.App.getArguments()
08:32 <etnatrai_> method, but this returns an empty object {}
08:33 <etnatrai_> while the response of the trigger/run is:
08:33 <etnatrai_> {
08:33 <etnatrai_> "message": "Sei in EtnaTraining office",
08:33 <etnatrai_> "url": "geotest1://open?url=http://www.etnatraining.it",
08:33 <etnatrai_> "type": "message",
08:33 <etnatrai_> "result": "queued"
08:33 <etnatrai_> }
08:33 <etnatrai_> what is actually happening in the geoloqi.iOS.handlePush(data) method?
08:34 <etnatrai_> this method is responsible to handle the reception of push notification
08:43 <patrickarlt> that method is just a pass through to the geoloqi ios sdk
08:43 <patrickarlt> we do something similar in dinodeals
08:44 <patrickarlt> aaronpk: can you look at trigger/run? do we have a bug?
08:45 <patrickarlt> etnatrai_: try doing it with message/send http://developers.geoloqi.com/api/message/send
08:46 <patrickarlt> that method just sends a push directly
08:46 <etnatrai_> yes, and it works fine...I got a push delivered to the device, BUT no arguments (ie the url parameter configured in the trigger) arrives to the app
08:47 <etnatrai_> var cmd = Ti.App.getArguments()
08:47 <etnatrai_> cmd is returned as empty object
08:49 <patrickarlt> etnatrai_: could you do a trigger/info/:id call and make sure the url is set?
08:53 <patrickarlt> etnatrai_: check out this line in the dino deals script we are url escaping the url param https://github.com/geoloqi/DinoDeals/blob/master/web/Rakefile#L168
08:54 <patrickarlt> might want to try that
08:55 <patrickarlt> etnatrai_: are you using android?
08:56 <etnatrai_> nope, iOS with TItanium
08:57 <etnatrai_> there is no trigger/info/ API in the docs
08:58 <patrickarlt> it exists just isnt documented just type it into the console
08:58 <etnatrai_> yeah, this is the output of trigger info:
08:58 <etnatrai_> {"trigger_id":"2m5H","place_id":"2QAk","type":"message","trigger_on":"enter","trigger_after":0,"one_time":0,"text":"Sei in EtnaTraining office","url":"geotest1:\/\/open?url=http:\/\/www.etnatraining.it","extra":{},"place":{"place_id":"2QAk","name":"EtnaTraining","latitude":45.466624573195,"longitude":9.177014,"radius":149.55776977539,"display_name":"EtnaTraining","time_from":"00:00:00","time_to":"00:00:00","active":1,
08:58 <etnatrai_> "extra":{},"description":"","visits":4}}
08:59 <etnatrai_> as you can see the url is escaped
09:04 <patrickarlt> can you try doing a message/send in the console? with some text and the unescaped url
09:07 <patrickarlt> etnatrai_: ive got a meeting we will get this sorted out. my email is pat@geoloqi.com if you have any more questions
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10:38 <mooney> qucik question: i'm fairly new to developing - how difficult is it to use geoloqi to make a local deals app for my city?
10:39 <mooney> anyone?
10:39 <aaronpk> mooney: We have a sample deals app wriiten using Appcelerator Titanium, source code is availbale here: https://github.com/geoloqi/DinoDeals
10:40 <mooney> yeah, i'm currently downloading and installing appcelerator and checking it out. I'm just worried that because i'm new to this it'll all go over my head!
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16:26 <anybody> Is anybody on here? i have a question about how to update the locations for a dinodeals like app?
16:28 <anybody> is nobody here to answer what is probably a really simple question?
17:16 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/mheadd :: @rob_giggey @opendataottawa Have a look at @geoloqi. Your welcome. ;-)
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