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04:52 <ygbr> Hi aaronpk
04:54 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/ygbr :: @aaronpk @geoloqi The latest version of Titanium module for iOS (1.1) is broken for live push register and for keeping track of the user id
04:56 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/ygbr :: @aaronpk @geoloqi Reverted to the 1.1.0 version provided with Dinodeals and everything seems fine now. Please fix the module on Marketplace.
05:26 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/_lecollectif :: MapAttack : catch me if you can ! - Transformez votre ville en terrain de #jeu http://t.co/LAXLrq1L
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15:42 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/nymous :: @caseorganic you should be on toadcast soon. Id love to talk about geoloqi and cyborgs with you
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