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15:40 <se7h> hello
15:44 <patrickarlt> hi
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15:55 <se7h> hello again
15:55 <se7h> here's a question, how can a user set his password without going to the computer?
16:01 <patrickarlt> aaronpk: ^^
16:02 <se7h> in other words, inside a mobile app, how does the user set his password to be able to login ?
16:04 <aaronpk> se7h: if you don't want the email confirmation setting the password, you can provide a password when the user signs up from the phone
16:04 <se7h> aaronpk: how?
16:08 <aaronpk> hm looks like we didn't add those to the user/create documentation
16:08 <se7h> ah
16:08 <se7h> so that's it
16:09 <aaronpk> i'll add it to the docs. in the mean time, send "password" as a post param and it will set
16:10 <se7h> awesome, thank you
16:10 <se7h> i've been bangin' my head over that thing for a couple of days
16:10 <aaronpk> sorry!
16:10 <se7h> np:)
16:10 <se7h> just glad i can help
16:12 <se7h> you wouldn't know how to login with a user using the titanium module, would u?
16:12 <aaronpk> let me see if I can find an example
16:14 <se7h> oh btw, is the module open sourced somewhere?
16:16 <aaronpk> here you go: https://gist.github.com/2947274
16:18 <se7h> aaronpk: looks just liek what i needed, thank you
16:19 <aaronpk> great
16:19 <se7h> i couldn't find the module doc'ed anywhere
16:23 <aaronpk> it's just what's on the site here: http://developers.geoloqi.com/titanium
16:23 <aaronpk> there's a few pages in the right navigation
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17:21 <se7h> aaronpk: 'allowAnonymousUsers' is not mentioned in the init() and the other functions to auth and create the user account either… at least i cant see them
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