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10:26 <statim1> i just got geoloqi added to my xcode project. are there webhooks or how do i get geoloqi to notify my backend about user's location changes?
10:30 <aaronpk> statim1: yes, there are web hooks, you can create a trigger and set a URL that geoloqi will post to when users encounter a trigger
10:31 <aaronpk> see: http://developers.geoloqi.com/api/trigger/create for how to create a trigger
10:31 <aaronpk> this is what will be sent back to you when a trigger runs: http://developers.geoloqi.com/api/Trigger_Callback
10:31 <statim1> aaronpk: cool thanks
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12:58 <statim1> getting Internal Server Error when trying to create a new app at http://developers.geoloqi.com/account/applications/new
13:01 <patrickarlt> statim1: humm ill take a look
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13:10 <starbuckt> statim1: thanks! You ran into a bug with a patch we rolled out yesterday. We're fixing it now. Should be rolled out shortly.
13:17 <statim1> cool thanks
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13:32 <patrickarlt> statim1: just deployed a fix for that
13:35 <statim1> patrickarlt: worked, thanks
13:40 <starbuckt> statim1: great, sorry for the trouble.
13:41 <statim1> np
13:42 <statim1> random question… i see push is included in geoloqi… is it somehow specific to the location services, or could i use it completely instead of what i currently use (Urbanairship)?
13:43 <aaronpk> yea you can use it to just send regular pushes too
13:44 <statim1> right on
13:56 <statim1> im editing my layer using the visual editor through the site. i was trying to create a global trigger. to do that, i just added a place with no info, then it took me to create a tigger. i did that. but is there any way to see the trigger in this interface?
13:58 <starbuckt> Your place should show up on the layer you selected.
13:58 <starbuckt> Remember to subscribe your users to the layers once you've configured them.
14:00 <statim1> ah i see it on the map. i dragged the radius all the way so the entire globe is covered… not sure thats the right way to create a global trigger though?
14:01 <statim1> i just want a trigger so any time anyones coordinates change, i can get a callback at my url
14:01 <aaronpk> oh, a trigger will only run if someone enters it, not all the time when they are in it
14:01 <aaronpk> you may want to look in to the streaming API
14:02 <statim1> aaronpk: ok will do
14:03 <starbuckt> statim1: you can also just periodically query the location/last method.
14:03 <starbuckt> depending on how you configure the client application, a user's location may change frequently (if they're in real-time mode).
14:03 <starbuckt> It may not be enough of a change to warrant an action. Say they just moved 5 meters. Not super useful in most cases.
14:05 <statim1> right
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15:02 <statim1> starbuckt, aaronpk: what about piggybacking on something in the iOS sdk? i see the sdk is posting: https://api.geoloqi.com/1/location/update … so if i could have it also post to me at the same time, that would solve it for me. possible?
15:03 <starbuckt> statim1: I'm not sure about the iOS SDK, but the Android SDK allows you to register a client-side callback when a new location fix comes in.
15:03 <starbuckt> What is it you're trying to do when the user's location changes?
15:04 <statim1> starbuckt: update my database with their last known location, so i can potentially fire off some notifications depending on different factors
15:05 <starbuckt> statim1: that basically sounds like our trigger system. Are there specific factors that we don't support that would be helpful to you?
15:06 <statim1> starbuckt: well, the biggest problem i see is i have all my data here, and the trigger system means id have to duplicate my data in a layer on geoloqi. (i think)
15:06 <starbuckt> statim1: yeah, that's kind of what it's designed for.
15:07 <starbuckt> Sounds like the streaming API would be your best bet for getting started quickly.
15:07 <statim1> ya, will continue down that road. thanks
15:11 <starbuckt> sure!
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