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15:33 <Cameron_> Hey all, quick question. I'm trying to get my triggers created from my testing app to register all callbacks to a provided URL. The apps are being created successfully from the phone and can be managed on the phone, but no callbacks are being sent to the URL. Any thoughts on why this is? I haven't configured users/access tokens for the app but did specify the client id and secret...
15:35 <starbuckt> Cameron_: are you invoking the triggers somehow?
15:35 <Cameron_> I distributed the application and got it running on my iphone. Set up geofences from the device, and drove through them... no trigger callbacks.
15:36 <starbuckt> Cameron_: did you subscribe the user to the layer or geofences that you created?
15:36 <starbuckt> You can test the triggers with the trigger/run/:id API endpoint (where :id is the id of the trigger you wish to test).
15:37 <starbuckt> You'll need to subscribe a user to the layer / triggers before they will be run by the device though.
15:38 <Cameron_> How do I subscribe a user to a trigger?
15:40 <starbuckt> Cameron_: Use the layer/subscribe/:id endpoint (where :id is the id of the layer).
15:40 <starbuckt> If you make the request with a user token (done automatically by the client SDK) it will subscribe the authenticated user to the given layer.
15:41 <starbuckt> You can also make the request with an application credentials, but you'll need to have created the user with that application.
15:42 <Cameron_> If I just do it automatically from the application (which originally creates an anon user), it will send the callbacks?
15:42 <Cameron_> and can I subscribe to triggers specifically, not layers?
15:43 <starbuckt> Cameron_: I'm not sure, I don't think so. You'll want to create a layer to group your triggers together anyway.
15:44 <Cameron_> Thanks for all your help.
15:44 <starbuckt> Cameron_: if you invoke layer/subscribe/:id from the application it should just work.
15:44 <starbuckt> Cameron_: I'd suggest using the trigger/run/:id with curl or something just to test your trigger callbacks. That way you don't have to drive around :0
15:44 <starbuckt> :)
15:45 <Cameron_> Haha thanks. I actually just tried trigger/run/:id from the app itself, and it returned no error yet no callback sent to the server... problem!!
15:46 <Loqi> awesome
15:48 <starbuckt> Cameron_: hrm
15:49 <Cameron_> Could be a problem with my server... Or maybe I can't use the force /trigger/run/:id without being subscribed either. Will test that next, after a 20 minute break.
15:49 <Cameron_> Be back in 20 - thanks for all your help so far!
15:49 <starbuckt> nah, you shouldn't need to be subscribed for that to work I don't think.
15:49 <starbuckt> Good luck!
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