00:12 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/CJIsaacs :: .@caseorganic: Thanks so much! RT @trakkstar: @geoloqi Great service, great support. You guys are my new favorite API.
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13:36 <ronaldv> Hi, I'm using the Titanium module. I created a trigger on "enter" with a trigger_after of 30 and using a callback. When doing a trigger/run, nothing gets posted to the callback. Doing a trigger/run on a "leave" does work. I haven't tried removing the trigger after, does it have anything to do with that?
13:37 <ronaldv> anyone here?
13:38 <starbuckt> ronaldv: I would try removing the trigger_after.
13:38 <starbuckt> ronaldv: also, I'd make sure the callback url is correct.
13:38 <ronaldv> Alright thanks!
13:38 <ronaldv> I'm sure the callback url is correct
13:38 <aaronpk> ronaldv: yes, adding the delay will only run the trigger if you are still inside that location when the delay is up.
13:39 <aaronpk> so unless you've actually sent up some location data recently at the trigger location, it will not run
13:39 <starbuckt> ah yeah, that's right
13:39 <ronaldv> Aha, ok that explains it.
13:45 <ronaldv> I've got another question... I'm testing with a iPhone 3GS. When closing the app and removing it from the multitask bar. Geo location should still be working, but I'm not getting anything. Is there a difference in sending the data when the app is up or completely shutdown?
13:46 <ronaldv> With data I mean the location information.
13:47 <starbuckt> I'm not sure about that one. aaronpk?
13:47 <aaronpk> yes, it should still work even after quitting the app
13:47 <aaronpk> do you see the location icon in the top bar?
13:47 <ronaldv> Yup
13:47 <aaronpk> what profile is the SDK configured in?
13:48 <ronaldv> Passive
13:48 <aaronpk> what version of iOS?
13:48 <ronaldv> 5.1
13:49 <ronaldv> Sorry 5.0.1
13:49 <aaronpk> ah, interesting, let me check something
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13:51 <aaronpk> interesting, I believe the feature that Passive mode uses was added in 5.1
13:51 <ronaldv> Aha! So I should upgrade.
13:52 <aaronpk> Yes, I'm pretty sure the 3GS will still allow you to upgrade! That should fix it.
13:52 <aaronpk> I will make a note of this in our bug tracker as well.
13:53 <aaronpk> I was under the impression that API was added in iOS 4, so I'm a little confused why it wouldn't be working, but I will investigate further
13:53 <aaronpk> It could also be a limitation of the 3GS hardware tho.
13:54 <aaronpk> In any case, "Rough" and "Realtime" profiles will work just fine because they don't rely on that API
13:55 <ronaldv> Aha, well I'll let you know if upgrading to 5.1 fixed it. I hope it's not a hardware limitation. There are still a lot of 3GS's around.
13:56 <ronaldv> In any case thanks for the great support.
13:56 <aaronpk> Agreed. If it is the hardware, we will work around it. It may not perform as well but it will at least do something.
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13:57 <ronaldv> Ok nice. I've got to be going. See you guys around.
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16:08 <arashpa> hello
16:08 <arashpa> I need some help on geoloqi operations
16:10 <starbuckt> arashpa: I can try to help if you let me know the trouble
16:10 <arashpa> Hi Starbucket
16:10 <arashpa> I'm trying to use the passive mode with our geofences and layers
16:11 <arashpa> the problem is when I subscribe a user to layers and the user is in passive mode, no trigger is received
16:11 <arashpa> in realtime I do receive the triggers
16:12 <arashpa> It seems like as I update the user subscriptions, the user sdk doesn't get configured with the new geofence map in time or something similar to that
16:15 <starbuckt> How large are the fences on your layers?
16:15 <starbuckt> (what is the smallest radius)
16:16 <arashpa> 100 meters radius, we have 20-30 layers
16:16 <arashpa> all 100 at this point
16:17 <starbuckt> Well, 100 meters is pretty small. You might try going up to 150 or 200 to see if your accuracy gets better.
16:17 <starbuckt> You might also make sure you're using the latest version of the SDK. We've made some changes to PASSIVE mode that may improve the accuracy for you. It's called ADAPTIVE mode now.
16:17 <starbuckt> Are you using iOS?
16:17 <arashpa> yes using iOS
16:18 <arashpa> when did you guys update the SDK? our version shouldn't be more than a month or so old
16:18 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/kk :: @mylessutherland ok, i'm on my way. @geoloqi kids are down there too. meet ya at 2804?
16:19 <starbuckt> arashpa: almost a month ago
16:19 <starbuckt> That should have the latest version.
16:20 <starbuckt> The Passive/Adaptive mode does a best effort to trigger fences, but it's not guaranteed, especially for small fences. It's encouraging that you're able to trigger the fences in real time mode. That means you've subscribed the user to the layer successfully.
16:22 <arashpa> I will try the updated sdk but I was hoping to ask that how long it takes for the sdk to be configured properly after we change the user subscription in adaptive mode?
16:22 <starbuckt> It should happen instantly. As far as I know there should be no delay.
16:23 <arashpa> ok then let me try the new sdk and I'll come back if didn't get resolved, thanks.
16:24 <starbuckt> Sounds great!
16:24 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/MylesSutherland :: @kk @geoloqi sweet my crowd is growing...
17:12 <arashpa> starbuckts I checked and were using the latest sdk 12.160
17:13 <arashpa> hello anyone here from Geoloqi?
17:20 <starbuckt> arashpa: that's good
17:20 <starbuckt> did you try increasing the size of your geofences?
17:21 <arashpa> No I haven't and we have a good number of geofences so will try that a bit later
17:21 <arashpa> but here is my situation
17:22 <arashpa> my office is maybe 200 meters from a set geofence
17:22 <arashpa> I install our app that configures the sdk in adaptive mode and then I subscribe the user to a layer where the mentioned geofence exist
17:23 <arashpa> I walk around and close to geofence and don't get any triggers
17:23 <arashpa> when I load the user locations from geoloqi api, there are few location pulls in adaptive mode
17:23 <starbuckt> The device might think you're starting in the geofence since it's so close and won't trigger it until you leave and come back.
17:24 <starbuckt> You might have to create a geofence further away and test that.
17:25 <arashpa> I have geofences further away and I can try that immediately, but my question is even if it thinks I'm in the geofence, shouldn't it increase the location lookup frequency?
17:25 <starbuckt> arashpa: no, if it thinks you're dwelling inside a geofence we don't want to be checking the GPS constantly if you're just going to sit there all day.
17:26 <starbuckt> That would very quickly drain a persons battery.
17:26 <starbuckt> For example, if you had a geofence around your work or your home.
17:26 <starbuckt> It's a balancing act. With adaptive mode we have to balance accuracy with battery-life.
17:27 <arashpa> ok then let me check the hypothesis that it thinks we're inside the geofence, but from your experience 100 meters is too small to work properly?
17:28 <starbuckt> 100m is the absolute minimum. We've really only had success with the real-time profile at that radius.
17:29 <starbuckt> Typically we recommend 300m for adaptive mode, but it can work for smaller fences, just not as consistently.
17:29 <starbuckt> Are you testing on an iPhone 4 or 4s?
17:30 <arashpa> we're using 4s
17:31 <starbuckt> Ah great. We've found them to be much more accurate than the previous model.
17:31 <arashpa> another question, when calling on location/history do we every time get the full data set that we request or are there times that information might be missing?
17:31 <starbuckt> arashpa: you should get a full dataset.
17:32 <starbuckt> I have to take off, but there should be some other people around later if you still have issues.
17:32 <starbuckt> Good luck!
17:47 <arashpa> Hi, any one from geolqi here?
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18:05 <arashpa> Hello here, anyone from geoloqi around? world greatly appreciate your help on some issue we are having
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