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09:57 <meglome> Quick question. Going to use geoloqi on our app but do we need to use the geoloqi site as the backend or is there an api to connect it to our own site?
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11:00 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/PDXTechCalendar :: "IndieWebCamp" at Geoloqi HQ : 920 SW 3rd Ave #400, Portland Oregon 97204 US, Saturday http://t.co/xsnenzQF
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12:34 <webchat413> question re: streaming server...I have a group that I created with 2 members group = _cYRPk6EL. I can see the members with the following api url: group/members/_cYRPk6EL however if I go to the streaming server I do not see updates: http://stream.geoloqi.com:40003/group/gXnvkgTXn
12:34 <webchat413> whoops...streaming server http://stream.geoloqi.com:40003/group/_cYRPk6EL
12:34 <patrickarlt> webchat413: you wont see anything until the locations of those users actually update
12:35 <patrickarlt> or you use the group/message method to send a custom message over the streaming server
12:35 <patrickarlt> you can use https://github.com/geoloqi/location-simulator to simulate a user moving around
12:35 <webchat413> ah....ok...so when I initially connect to streaming server, it won't show initial location
12:35 <patrickarlt> yup
12:36 <webchat413> only after sending an update - and I assume sending an update will be any update changes (so update via session on ios sdk)
12:36 <webchat413> thanks - I'll try the simulator
12:36 <patrickarlt> sending a location update (from the SDK or the location/update mehtod)
12:37 <patrickarlt> or try group/message/:token from the api console really quick you should see something then
12:38 <patrickarlt> group/locations/:token will give you location history for the group
12:45 <webchat413> I guess I wasn't patient enough - I definitely see the updates now...thanks!
12:45 <patrickarlt> webchat413: great talking withone one about adding the inital locations of people when you connect with a stream, thats a good idea
12:47 <webchat413> yeah - I think I'll initially hit the history upon connection
12:48 <webchat413> then get updates as they come in
12:48 <patrickarlt> thats what we do for our apps
12:48 <webchat413> I see you joined - cool ;)
12:49 <webchat413> just learning the framework...not much to see yet...but I love what you guys provide...a lot less to think about!
12:49 <webchat413> in your apps do you ONLY go after history or are you using the real time streaming server as well?
12:50 <patrickarlt> both usually hit the history route and subscribe the streaming server and render both on a map
12:50 <webchat413> cool
12:51 <patrickarlt> https://github.com/geoloqi/geoloqi-js if you havnt found it yet has a helper for sockets and api requests
12:51 <webchat413> I looked into it a bit, but I've been doing everything in ios, so used a socket.io framework
12:51 <patrickarlt> ah ok
12:51 <webchat413> along with your ios sdk
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