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00:02 <ronaldv> Hi, is anyone here?
00:02 <aaronpk> hello
00:03 <aaronpk> ronaldv: I'm heading to bed in a minute, it's 12am here, but I can help if you have a quick quetsion
00:03 <ronaldv> I posted a question a few days ago on the community forum... didn't get an anwser.
00:03 <ronaldv> Okay I'll make it quick
00:03 <ronaldv> I'm using Titanium with geoloqi
00:04 <aaronpk> sorry about that, we're usually pretty good about keeping up with questions. Most of us did actually take the weekend off this time tho :)
00:04 <ronaldv> but don't see an option to do an init with a user of an application in goeloqi
00:04 <ronaldv> Sure no problem :)
00:05 <ronaldv> That's the one
00:06 <aaronpk> Ok, try thinking about this from the other direction. If you were able to init with a specific user, then it'd be a security hole since anybody could "log in" as anybody else.
00:07 <aaronpk> So once you have an account established on the phone, what you need is a way to reference that account from a server, right?
00:08 <ronaldv> Yup, we were planning to use your user accounts
00:08 <aaronpk> Ah, ok. In that case you need a way for users to log back in then?
00:09 <ronaldv> Atleast that yes.
00:10 <ronaldv> The plan was to add address information from our software into yours.
00:10 <ronaldv> For a sepcific user
00:11 <aaronpk> Ok, so you need to use the register/login pattern instead of the anonymous account pattern. Let me try to find some links.
00:11 <ronaldv> Alright, thanks.
00:16 <aaronpk> hm, I can't find a good link, let me put some sample code together
00:18 <ronaldv> Sounds good, thanks for the support. It's probably late there.
00:19 <ronaldv> Just saw 12am...
00:22 <aaronpk> alright, this code may not be particularly useful on its own, but hopefull you get the idea: https://gist.github.com/2947274
00:24 <ronaldv> Do you login after the init?
00:24 <ronaldv> Or before?
00:24 <aaronpk> actually in that case you would not use the init method.
00:24 <aaronpk> init is actually a shortcut to create an anonymous user the first time the app launches
00:25 <ronaldv> Aha so you setup push after the login then.
00:25 <aaronpk> oh sorry, I got it slightly wrong, i'll update the sample code
00:33 <ronaldv> Ok that looks like what I need. Thanks!
00:34 <aaronpk> great! If you notice anything wrong, feel free to correct it in a fork of that gist
00:34 <ronaldv> Will do.
00:34 <aaronpk> and send it back to me, and I'll make sure to update it in the docs.
00:34 <aaronpk> alright I'm off to sleep before more UK people wake up!
00:35 <ronaldv> Have a good nights sleep.
00:35 <Loqi> don't let the bed bugs bite
00:35 <aaronpk> thanks!
01:32 <Wraithan> late night aaronpk is awake late
02:00 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/CiliarisMedia :: MapAttack: Turn the whole city into a game. Love this. http://t.co/2focDueG #gamification #pervasivegames
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05:00 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/SocialHiking :: @andybryant really keen to try and put one together, but it is a whole new skill set I have to learn! Was testing Geoloqi.
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13:02 <tlecouffe> hi all! is it possible to create a geonote and limit to an invite only group?
13:02 <starbuckt> tlecouffe: you want the geonote to be sent to any member of a specific group?
13:04 <tlecouffe> I was thinking more like, leave a geonote for a specific group
13:04 <tlecouffe> e.g. anyone in the group
13:05 <starbuckt> Right, that's what I meant. So only group members can pick it up?
13:05 <tlecouffe> yep :)
13:05 <starbuckt> hrm, I'm not sure. let me ask around and get back to you.
13:07 <tlecouffe> thanks!
13:11 <starbuckt> tlecouffe: sounds like you can do that, but you'd have to essentially create a layer and associate that layer with a group.
13:13 <tlecouffe> ok! thanks!
13:21 <starbuckt> Sure!
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