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07:29 <Ronald_> Hi, I'm trying out the Titanium module of geoloqi. Does anyone know how to init with a specific user of an application in geoloqi?
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07:32 <_rknLA> ahoy. anyone around?
07:33 <Ronald_> doesn't seem like there is anyone around except me
07:34 <_rknLA> dang
07:34 <_rknLA> it's early over there. 7:30am
07:35 <caseorganic> greetings
07:35 <Ronald_> ah that's why.
07:35 <caseorganic> Ronald_: I'm on the east coast right now - I'll ping someone from the office.
07:35 <Ronald_> Alright thanks
07:36 <caseorganic> I left our CTO a message and he'll get to it when he wakes up! Also, if you post in https://community.geoloqi.com/ some of our other devs will see it and get to it when they wake up
07:37 <Ronald_> Ok maybe that's easier
07:37 <Ronald_> I'll post on the community forum
07:42 <caseorganic> Thanks so much!
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12:14 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/JohnnyDiggz :: RAWR! Courtesy @aaronpk and our friends at @geoloqi http://t.co/GDnHs3LX
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16:56 <webchat775> Hello - does the ios sdk (LQSession or anything else in the sdk) handle the streaming service or do I need to build my own implementation of websockets to connect to the server?
17:07 <starbuckt> webchat775: do you mean for sending location updates from the device to the server?
17:08 <webchat775> no -more for group notifications
17:08 <webchat775> to track real time location updates for a group
17:09 <webchat775> in the ios sdk documentation, I see reference to the streaming service and use of websockets
17:09 <webchat775> and the implementation examples are javascript
17:09 <starbuckt> can you link me to the page you're looking at?
17:10 <starbuckt> right
17:11 <starbuckt> So basically if you put the SDK in "real-time" mode you'll get streaming updates from the device to the Geoloqi servers automatically. The Streaming documentation you're looking at is for configuring a web-server to "read" a stream of those incoming updates.
17:12 <webchat775> ok interesting, maybe I"m missing something then - when in real time mode and part of a group, how do I see other group users locations
17:13 <starbuckt> The simplest way is by using the REST API: http://developers.geoloqi.com/api/group/locations/:token
17:14 <starbuckt> The next way would be by setting up your server to use the streaming socket, which is basically a real-time version of the REST API.
17:14 <webchat775> right - the rest api shows history - I definitely am looking to impllement real time streaming
17:14 <starbuckt> We also offer a white-labeled "group portal" for some larger customers. Basically this uses the streaming server to show you all the user's locations in real-time on a map.
17:15 <webchat775> I'm not a larger customer yet, but definitely looking to be one if :)
17:15 <starbuckt> webchat775: It says history but it will show you all the updates the server has received. So, it's the same data as the socket server, it will just not "push" updates to you.
17:16 <starbuckt> webchat775: if you're interested in hearing more about the group portal I'd encourage you to send us an email. I'm not the best person to talk to you about that unfortunately.
17:16 <starbuckt> It sounds like that's kind of what you're looking to do anyway right?
17:16 <webchat775> yes definitely what I'm looking to do
17:16 <webchat775> Ok great - I will send an email, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
17:17 <starbuckt> Sweet! Give us a holler here: http://developers.geoloqi.com/contact
17:17 <starbuckt> No worries. Feel free to pop back in if you have more questions. Someone is usually around.
17:17 <webchat775> awesome, thanks!
17:17 <starbuckt> Otherwise our community forums are a good bet: https://community.geoloqi.com/
18:22 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/natevw :: @geoloqi Halp! I had about 3600 points from today queued up to send, and now the Geoloqi app won't start. Are they gone?
19:26 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/davidstratton :: @italiano40 bought by Urban Airship then shutdown, factual is good replacement but Geoloqi ads some good power management feat and ios sdk
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