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13:12 <rknLA> howdy
13:18 <rknLA> this is kinda OT since I didn't actually wind up using geoloqi, but i figured since I bugged some of you during development, I might as well show you what came of that... http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/made-in-la-soundmap/id525895329
13:18 <rknLA> if you make it to LA at all this summer, give it a whirl. the experience is a total trip.
13:20 <patrickarlt> rknLA: looks nice! why didnt you end up using geoloqi?
13:21 <rknLA> i needed a callback function to hook into when the user entered a region instead of simply an alert.
13:21 <rknLA> apple provides this through core location, but from what i could tell (and from what aaronpk told me via email) geoloqi only provides notifications for regions.
13:23 <rknLA> i wish i could've though. apple's region monitoring is such a retarded pain in the ass. there's a finite, non-specific number of regions you can monitor *per device* (4 or 5 or 10?), so you have to juggle them all instead of just telling it to monitor 100 regions.
13:24 <aaronpk> rknLA: hey great job launching the app!
13:25 <aaronpk> yea that's all the stuff our SDK deals with behind the scenes, managing those 100s of places for you.
13:26 <rknLA> thanks!
13:26 <rknLA> yeah. there was definitely a moment during devlopment where i went "oh. _this_ is why i want to be using geoloqi
13:26 <rknLA> "
13:26 <aaronpk> :)
13:26 <rknLA> but, i'm doing some crazy shit when the user enters a region.
13:27 <rknLA> =)
13:27 <rknLA> buffering a new audio stream, fading out and pausing the old stream when the new one's available. from the user's perspective, it's magic.
13:27 <aaronpk> yea that sounds really neat!
13:28 <patrickarlt> will this be up forever or is it going away after summer
13:28 <rknLA> hopefully forever, but it depends on how long the Hammer Museum wants to keep paying for servers.
13:28 <rknLA> all of the audio is streamed
13:28 <rknLA> there'll probably be a new and improved version in 2 years for the next biennial though.
13:28 <rknLA> if i had to guess.
13:29 <rknLA> not to toot my own horn, but the experience is freaking awesome. cause the audio that fades in is actually geo-relevant from one of the artists in the exhbit. so, all of the sudden you're hearing someone talk about that thing across the street.
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13:31 <rknLA> it's one of those things that, while you're developing it, you know it's gonna be neat. but then you experience it and it just totally blows your mind.
13:32 <rknLA> i'm sure you've all experienced that or something similar with map attack, yeah?
13:39 <aaronpk> yes that sounds amazing! I wish I could check it out!
13:39 <aaronpk> in a meeting now, back later
13:43 <rknLA> cheers! it's bedtime for me. midnight in tel aviv. tomorrow, vienna!
13:44 <aaronpk> congrats again on the launch!
13:46 <webchat680> I have a quick (design) question. I'm trying to decide if I should a) use a server to handle trigger callback logic, or do something client side like setting the callback URL for a trigger to send a message to the groups API where I'd listen for the message and process it further. In the simplest example I can think of, let's say a user fires a trigger, and I want to automatically post a tweet from that use that they've fired t
13:48 <starbuckt> webchat680: if all you want to do is post a tweet the easiest way would be to use a server to handle that callback logic. Heroku is a good option for server-side hosting.
13:49 <rknLA> yar. night ya'll.
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17:50 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/brennannovak :: @geoloqi omg, I just got my first push notification from Poncho- rains coming... I better get walking :)
18:20 <Wraithan> aaronpk: I've been giving tantek a hard time today :/
18:20 <Wraithan> lol
18:21 <aaronpk> aww, why?
18:21 <aaronpk> also, that's a real challenge, he's good
18:23 <Wraithan> because microformats (and other meta data markups) make it hard to read what you are actually looking at
18:23 <Wraithan> or they require you to duplicate data
18:23 <Wraithan> and they tend to be weird to style (as in no default styles that are meaningful)
18:25 <Wraithan> If you say the content inside of the metadata actually jumps out at you and you can read it without having to scan multiple times, I'd say you are a liar
18:25 <Wraithan> just wanted to add himself
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18:25 <aaronpk> I don't see the duplicate data problem tho
18:26 <Wraithan> aaronpk: that isn't microformat's problem, other metadata markups require that
18:26 <aaronpk> oh
18:26 <Wraithan> They either obsfucate my content, or they cause me to do duplicate data
18:26 <aaronpk> well you could make it cleaner looking by adding whitespace and newlines
18:27 <aaronpk> <span class="fn h-card">\nWraithan\n</span>
18:27 <Wraithan> aaronpk: sure, but it is still extra indirection
18:27 <aaronpk> yea
18:27 <aaronpk> do you have a better suggestion tho?
18:27 <Wraithan> no
18:28 <Wraithan> but it is my rebuttle when someone decides I need to add meta data markup to my content
18:28 <Wraithan> existing without it is an option, I mean I get the purpose
18:28 <Wraithan> but yea
18:31 <aaronpk> is there some limit to the number of arguments in a prepared statement in postgres?
18:32 <aaronpk> oh nvm
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20:10 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/ablaze :: @geoloqi Poncho rules!!
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