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09:52 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/SeanPenrith :: Amber Case of Geoloqi shares her passion for hackathons and the cool outcomes for a group of interested people tackling problems. #vdatapdx
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20:20 <webchat470> For android, how can I automatically subscribe to a layer when initializing the tracker service?
22:16 <aaronpk> webchat470: in the init callback you can make an API request to subscribe the user to the layer
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23:05 <webchat470> Does the javascript client respond to triggers?
23:05 <aaronpk> no, you'd have to set up a server to handle that
23:06 <aaronpk> but the javascript client can tap in to the streaming api, which can receive raw location data or messgaes sent with group/message/:token
23:09 <webchat470> Oh okay so I can still send it messages, but it wont receive the ones triggered but location?
23:12 <webchat470> *by
23:17 <aaronpk> if you wanted to receive the triggers in javascript, you would set up a callback URL to send a message to the groups API. this is how our MapAttack game works: https://github.com/geoloqi/MapAttack/blob/master/controller.rb#L212