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10:00 <nohorse> can i get a recomendation for the proper way to supress the verticle scroller on a dgrid/Grid?
10:03 <nohorse> oops, wrong chat :( sorry.
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14:00 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/AustinTHaas :: Heading out on a pre-wedding beer crawl with @ThisIsPizza! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/jZ8EoyD8
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14:53 <webchat680> using win7 and heroku)
14:53 <webchat680> hey guys... for the geoloqi ruby libraries, is there a specific version of ruby I should be using (im new to ruby
14:59 <caseorganic> kyledrake: can you answer webchat680's question?
14:59 <caseorganic> webchat680: Thanks for asking! we'll get back to you in a moment
15:03 <kyledrake> webchat680: I'm a fan of using Ruby 1.9, I feel that most people have switched to that now
15:03 <kyledrake> The ruby library is compatible with 1.8.7 however so it should run fine there too
15:08 <webchat680> ok! Sounds like I should be safe starting with 1.9 then ;)
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15:31 <webchat680> the visual trigger editor... I can't seem to figure out that is located? is that function available for devs to use somewhere?
15:31 <aaronpk> yes it's on the developer site: http://developers.geoloqi.com/account/layers
15:32 <urbild> If you create a layer for your application, will your app automatically subscribe it?
15:33 <aaronpk> no, the user has to subscribe to it first
15:35 <urbild> Just to clarify I mean a layer made for developer app, and then an app using that client id?
15:36 <aaronpk> no, at some point a user is going to have to subscribe to it, the API method is http://developers.geoloqi.com/api/layer/subscribe/:id
15:36 <webchat680> I guess I was thinking a using the visual trigger editor to create the triggers in your layer (from a app publisher perspective)
15:37 <aaronpk> webchat680: you mean using it in your own application?
15:38 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/YasKuraishi :: I build something very similar back in 2003/4 - if you love location you gotta love this location back-end http://t.co/f2DmLgOm. #li
15:39 <webchat680> sorta. In this case the app would be a comprised of a layer which the app subscribes users to. I want to 'build up' a layer for my app with pre-defined triggers etc. instead of using the api to load/manage ongoing, can the visual trigger editor be used / possibly in a web interface (for example).
15:44 <urbild> I think your question is similar to mine, you can create a layer for your app through the developers website BUT you still have to make your users subscribe to it.
15:45 <patrickarlt> urbild: you got it right, you still have to subscribe you users to the layer before your users will be able to trigger the triggers on the layer
15:47 <patrickarlt> webchat680: ^^
15:47 <webchat680> makes sense. I guess I was thinking it would be cool to manage the application's layer(s) using the visual trigger editor in some kind of console - which is what I wasn't sure if that existed already
15:47 <aaronpk> webchat680: you can certainly do that for your own applications on our developer site
15:47 <patrickarlt> webchat680: can you rephrase? visual and console dont mix for me. Do you mean like a widget you can embed on your own site?
15:50 <webchat680> yes.. I guess widget would be the equivalent. e.g. https://myapp.com/myappdmin/visualtrigger_widget for instance where myapp.com/myappadmin would be visible only to me. The case here is a layer people subscribe to, but wouldn't create their own triggers in this particular layer
15:51 <webchat680> .. the "widget" is what I wasn't seeing on the dev site.. just the api stuff - which I might have missed (?) :)
15:51 <webchat680> ... just to clarify too.. I'm not too far along here, just trying to plan a few things out
15:53 <urbild> There is a map interface on the developers site to edit your layer, drag and drop points and triggers.
15:54 <patrickarlt> webchat680: once you make an application and get your api keys you can go to http://developers.geoloqi.com/account/layers to get the visual editor for you applicaiton.
15:54 <webchat680> ok! I see it now. thanks for your patience!
15:55 <patrickarlt> webchat680: not at all glad to help i might have to make it a little more obvious how to get to the visual editor to
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