00:05 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/mformento :: Appcelerator Partners With Geoloqi To Bring Location Services To Its 1.6 Million Developers http://t.co/awUhvxbn via @techcrunch
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00:51 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/coreenhead :: New Partnership Announcement - Geoloqi for Titanium!
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03:07 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/lamberty :: Heading to W├╝rzburg and back! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/UMBVtAc8
07:23 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/bv02 :: Better location tools for more apps: Geoloqi is now on Appcelerator Titanium http://t.co/TGdNujEw
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11:52 <infamos> eyyayyuh
11:52 <Loqi> yay!
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12:11 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/jakem :: Heading out to Missouri! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/Sn7jzjC5
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12:30 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/caseorganic :: Fantastic immersive city/location app concept using @geoloqi for the museumnext conference by @sjakoo! http://t.co/YLVeocv6
12:30 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/geoloqi :: @sjakoo We love your idea and are so excited for your project!
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14:45 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/sjakoo :: @caseorganic @geoloqi thank you, so glad (and honoured) you like yomu.nl, your work inspired us to create this kind of concepts.
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15:15 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/DogTownMedia :: Geoloqi is partnering with mobile app development platform Appcelerator. http://t.co/gh28CwHH
15:19 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/casebot :: Caseorganic published a photo: Geoloqi Featured on Open Mobile Marketplace | Appcelerator: caseorganic posted a ... http://t.co/5419BHo4
15:19 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/casebot :: Caseorganic published a photo: Yomu - Look around you (concept using Geoloqi by @sjakoo): caseorganic posted a p... http://t.co/qQLOtn8i
15:31 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/anothercasebot :: Posted a photo: Geoloqi Featured on Open Mobile Marketplace | Appcelerator http://t.co/CJDGCVIy [Flickr]
16:01 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/Tropo :: Random Hacks of Kindness June 2-3 San Francisco http://t.co/PU8hBGCN #RHoK #RHoKSF @Radomhacks @GWOBorg @Tethr @Geoloqi @babelverse @amnesty
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19:05 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/aonuise :: Geoloqi Makes it Easier to Make Apps Smarter - http://t.co/CWWcVVu1 http://t.co/1BVqq4BK
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19:35 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/HotAppNews :: Geoloqi Makes it Easier to Make Apps Smarter - http://t.co/C2eoHuz1 http://t.co/ej6g2wcO #App #Apps
19:59 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/N7ShepardFTW :: @Tingle_ebooks My friend asked me who I want to see in the next Smash Bros. I said Tingle. I think that would be amazing. #MapAttack
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21:22 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/ablaze :: Getting pumped for the @Geoloqi Formal Saturday Hacking & Sci-Fi Movie Marathon
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21:26 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/tayhatmaker :: @ablaze so bummed that I can't tag along this time! @geoloqi
22:14 <Loqi> http://twitter.com/pdxanthro :: Amber Case @caseorganic on a roll: her startup "@Geoloqi featured in Entrepreneur Mag's 100 Brilliant Companies list