01:12 <@AppC_QA> Q&A - Geoloqi for Geo-fencing http://t.co/gf4n80so
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09:56 <@kyledrake> @mcnamarasean @geoloqi Thank you! It was great hacking with everyone there! Hope I get a chance to visit again soon.
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11:46 <@aaronpk> This is what software testing at @geoloqi looks like: http://t.co/wpNSeqX1
11:48 <@caseorganic> This is what software testing at @geoloqi looks like: http://t.co/Nn1H0G8u (one has to move around to test!)
11:48 <@geoloqi> This is what software testing at @geoloqi looks like: http://t.co/2jNVypXZ (one has to move around to test!)
11:52 <@LauraHelenWinn> @caseorganic @geoloqi They say doing work that you love doesn't feel like work...looks fun!
11:54 <@AdamEdgerton> @caseorganic @geoloqi let us know downstairs if you ever need any help with your "testing". I need more excuses to escape the office.
11:58 <@AndrewLorente> OMG RT @caseorganic: This is what software testing at @geoloqi looks like: http://t.co/1SQ10QtW (one has to move around to test!)
12:00 <@kerrizor> @geoloqi ha! Reminds me of doing testing at @contour_cam!
12:06 <Loqi> where did you have those made? (I’ve got an idea.)
12:44 <@kyledrake> @AdamEdgerton @caseorganic @geoloqi We might do another test later today! Let me check with @aaronpk. We're going for fro-yo first though.
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14:50 <@romansf> #pii2012 missing @caseorganic panel due to train ?!? Sigh... At least people know where I am #geoloqi http://t.co/uTdCxHmU
15:30 <@kevinmarks> #pii2012 @caseorganic 'right now geoloqi devs are riding bikes back and forth in portland to test geofences'
15:44 <@casebot> Amber Case was blogged about in: Privacy Identity Innovation: Watching Amber Case of Geoloqi talking about devel... http://t.co/v2VAw3MV
16:02 <@peterwooley> It may be raining and muggy and still way too warm, but I'm walking down to the Reflecting Pool. http://t.co/Lt65LV0e
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16:34 <@peterwooley> At the Lincoln Memorial. Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/UeZezowa
16:38 <@peterwooley> At the Lincoln Memorial. Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/LKsUGPXv
16:42 <@lawduck> @peterwooley "Track me Geoloqi" needs to be set to "Rock Me Amadeus" immediately. /cc @caseorganic, @aaronpk
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17:22 <Ryjii> Hello. Is there anyone I can ask about getting the Geoloqi SDK to work?
17:24 <rknLA> Ryjii: what platform? what issues are you having?
17:26 <starbuckt> Hello Ryjii, are you using the iOS or Android SDK?
17:26 <starbuckt> (or Javascript)?
17:27 <Ryjii> The platform is iOS. One of the problems I am having is getting the Push notifications to come up. I have an app set up, the push notifications enabled and a p12 certificate uploaded to the geoloqi website. I have set up a place, geonote and triggers using the app. I can see that the triggers are being processed both within the app and in the debug feature on the website, but no push notifications go through - didReceiveremoteNotific
17:27 <Ryjii> The app is registering to receive push notifications successfully
17:28 <aaronpk> Ryjii: I can take a look with you in a minute
17:28 <aaronpk> it looks like we are having trouble connecting to Apple's push service with your certificate
17:29 <aaronpk> You might try re-downloading the certificates from apple, exporting the .p12 file and uplaoding it to our site again and see if that fixes it
17:29 <Ryjii> Thanks. I will try to do that. Actually, running a trigger/run call from the app works fine. Can that happen with incorrect certificates?
17:30 <Ryjii> By "works fine" I mean I get the trigger message comes back, but the didreceiveremote method is still not being called.
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18:18 <@ohmylaundry> @geoloqi awesome, I hope it was precise enough that you got to do some indoor skateboardtesting as well.
18:26 <@romansf> @caseorganic Hominids series by @RobertJSawyer -- Robert, meet Amber -- @Geoloqi is the opposite of the Alibi Archive in your books
18:46 <@romansf> omg @caseorganic wasn't kidding at #pii2012 re testing @aaronpk: what software test at @geoloqi looks like: http://t.co/HrHzudXU
20:20 <@drzax> @busterbenson Easy if you're a weirdo like me and start carrying a GPS logger everywhere you go. That, or you could use @geoloqi
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