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08:44 <Richard> Hi
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08:45 <Guest36740> Hi All have some questions re node.js client for GEoloqi
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09:12 <aaronpk> richard-o2labs: hi again! sorry I missed you earlier
09:34 <caseorganic> Schulyler_: you are awesome. loved the visualization of global boundaries.
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09:50 <@schuyler> With support from @geoloqi, I'm pleased to release Polysplit, a utility for chopping GIS polygons into smaller pieces. https://t.co/jVZQy7UG
10:14 <@nodenpm> geoloqi (0.0.2): http://t.co/TeUeJh8U Library for interacting with the Geoloqi API. Works on Node.js and the client side.
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10:34 <@geoloqi> Introducing Polysplit, a utility for chopping GIS polygons into smaller pieces! https://t.co/SBab3fzV Thank you, @schuyler!
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11:18 <rknLA> have any of you ever put a geofence inside of a larger geofence?
11:20 <starbuckt> I think there's a yo dawg joke in there somewhere.
11:20 <starbuckt> I have not personally no, how would you expect it to work?
11:21 <starbuckt> I think both would fire.
11:21 <starbuckt> So long as you entered both geofences.
11:30 <aaronpk> rknLA: yes, I have actually
11:30 <rknLA> starbuckt: hahah!
11:31 <Loqi> hehe
11:31 <rknLA> i'd expect them to work pretty independently... larger one fires when you enter, smaller one fires when you enter, larger one doesn't re-fire when you enter the smaller one
11:35 <rknLA> brb. xcode fail.
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11:40 <starbuckt> rknLA: that's what I'd expect as well
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12:12 <aaronpk> rknLA: yea that should be what happens
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13:38 <tylergillies> has anyone made a geogate
13:38 <tylergillies> like a geofence, but theres a part you can walk through that doesn't trigger
13:40 <aaronpk> awesome
13:41 <tylergillies> would be good for booby trapping an area, you walk though the marsh on a certain path but if you go off course bam alram city
13:41 <tylergillies> alarm
13:41 <tylergillies> i need that for my compound im building
14:04 <kyledrake> If police enter secret compound, fire lazer
14:24 <rknLA> yeah that's a way cool idea.
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17:33 <@garrettnelson> The Apps and Tech Daily is out! http://t.co/P0Xsp9Ek ▸ Top stories today via @geoloqi @supportmyweb
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18:33 <@aaronpk> Testing MapAttack on Quadrocopters! (@ Graham Oaks Natural Area) [pic]: http://t.co/2D6sVRpH
19:31 <@kyledrake> Quadrocopter Mapattack! http://t.co/1dj3zPQN
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