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09:30 <@TALlama> And on day 3, the @ISS_NatLab path wraps back onto itself: http://t.co/PLFarTpV
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10:48 <@lamberty> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/iwZg4RCV
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12:21 <rknLA> are there any known issues with adding both the Debug and Release .a files to an ios project? (in the respective debug and release linker settings)
12:30 <rknLA> ooh JSON linking probs. yippeeee
12:31 <rknLA> + Add dependency: JSONKit.
12:34 <rknLA> Shit. JSONKit doesn't like ARC.
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12:34 <rknLA> aaronpk: you around?
12:35 <patrickarlt> rknLA: ill ping him hang on a sec
12:35 <rknLA> thanks patrickarlt
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13:16 <rknLA> well.... that's weird... I was able to kill the linker issue by adding an empty @interface JSONDecoder : NSObject... i was expecting a runtime error, but location updates still seem to be debug printing reasonably though.
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16:05 <rknLA> hey kyledrake, do you do any of the geoloqi iphone stuff?
16:06 <starbuckt> rknLA: aaronpk has been in and out of meetings all day. Apologies for the quiet channel.
16:06 <rknLA> starbuckt: no worries, i expected that was the case.
16:06 <starbuckt> rknLA: I'd love to help but I'm on the Android end of things.
16:06 <rknLA> gotcha
16:08 <rknLA> is iphone stuff entirely his domain?
16:10 <starbuckt> rknLA: pretty much
16:10 <starbuckt> We have an open seat for an iPhone dev. They're hard to find :)
16:10 <rknLA> orly?
16:10 <rknLA> is portland mandatory?
16:11 <starbuckt> Not sure, you'd have to ask aaronpk.
16:11 <rknLA> interesting thought.
16:11 <rknLA> i like what ya'll do quite a bit.
16:12 <rknLA> i'm not a terribly advanced iOS dev though.
16:14 <starbuckt> Yeah, I know they were hoping to get someone full-time. Haven't heard about it in a while though so maybe it's on hold.
16:34 <@kyledrake> I will be speaking at the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon in Miami on May 11! Feel free drop in and say hi. http://t.co/Nwu8pEEv /cc @att @geoloqi
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17:07 <rknLA> nice.
17:22 <rknLA> dang.. push notification cert isn't uploading =(
17:40 <@SocialMediaBuch> SXSW: Warum Geo-Fencing Ihr Leben veränderen könnte - http://t.co/oXJUDSkN
17:47 <rknLA> so, it looks like this is a bug on the web interface... the password i'm entering is working fine locally, but i'm getting a generic error on the upload form.
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