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08:31 <@pkbot> Posted a photo: MapAttack http://t.co/OwIPtJ2y [Flickr]
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09:47 <@JonMwords> Walking down to Geoloqi HQ to reboot democracy. You comin'?
09:55 <@maxogden> hella donuts available for civic hackers today at @geoloqi HQ http://t.co/BYw7mTD1
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10:47 <@twaddington> Hanging out at Geoloqi HQ and listening to the Code for America hackers talk about their ideas.
11:56 <Wraithan> ping
11:56 <Loqi> pong
11:56 <Wraithan> anyone
11:57 <Wraithan> at the hacathon?
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13:19 <@twaddington> Geoloqi HQ is hopping! Lots of cool work happening at the hackathon.
13:39 <@JPaulenoff> #Geoloqui- another app that uses geolocation http://t.co/bKPYexX5 #SM4geolocation #NewhosueSM4
13:45 <@geoloqi> Geoloqi HQ is hopping! Lots of cool work happening at the hackathon (via @twaddington).
14:13 <rknLA> hey, anyone around
14:13 <rknLA> ?
14:13 <rknLA> For some reason when I create layers with the Ruby gem, they're not showing up in my web portal
14:13 <rknLA> I'm getting a layer_id no problem, they're just.... somewhere else?
14:20 <rknLA> ooh interesting.. when I load http://developers.geoloqi.com/account/layers/:id/edit with the layer ID i get from the api, i get an HTTP 500
14:59 <kyledrake> hi rknLA
14:59 <rknLA> hey kyle
14:59 <kyledrake> Let me see if I can help..
14:59 <rknLA> been poking around the gem's source.
14:59 <rknLA> looks like there's a documentation bug under basic usage. i was unable to find the "get started" link,
14:59 <rknLA> so i'm using my applicatin
15:00 <kyledrake> err
15:00 <kyledrake> hmm
15:00 <rknLA> *application's access token
15:00 <rknLA> "oh no, something went terribly wrong"
15:00 <kyledrake> Checking
15:01 <rknLA> so, in pry when i make new session requests, to 'account/profile' for instance,
15:01 <rknLA> my 'name' is the App's name rather than the account's name...
15:03 <rknLA> also, that's a bunch for helping out on a sunday. that kicks major ass. =)
15:04 <kyledrake> no rpoblem!
15:04 <rknLA> aahhh yeah,
15:04 <rknLA> so, session.get 'layer/list' gives them back to me..
15:04 <rknLA> (session = Geoloqi::Session.new :access_token => 'foo')
15:04 <kyledrake> We're at the office working today so it's cool
15:05 <kyledrake> Code for America is doing a hackathon over here
15:05 <rknLA> oh nice
15:05 <kyledrake> Do you see the layer in that list?
15:05 <rknLA> yeah, i do, so that's a good thing..
15:05 <rknLA> it's not a public layer.
15:05 <rknLA> so, that might be part of why it's not showing up on the web.
15:07 <kyledrake> You should be able to look at all your layers from the site even if its not public
15:07 <Loqi> I agree
15:08 <kyledrake> I don't believe that is supposed to work
15:09 <rknLA> i modified the url from a link i clicked on in the Layers page
15:10 <kyledrake> ah. Yeah the layer editing is on the non-dev site http://geoloqi.com/layers
15:11 <rknLA> so, the layers still aren't showing up.
15:12 <kyledrake> Which layers?
15:12 <kyledrake> ReU?
15:12 <rknLA> yeah,
15:12 <rknLA> i think i figured out why.
15:13 <rknLA> when calling account/profile within my session in ruby (using the application's access_token), i get a user_id of 'DTf' when using curl and getting an oauth token by using grant_type=password, 'account/profile' is giving me a user_id of 'DFD'
15:13 <rknLA> so,
15:13 <rknLA> it looks like the system thinks layers created using my app's access_token are made by a different user.
15:14 <rknLA> (the dev layer editor only shows the 'Settings' tab of the non-dev editor)
15:16 <aaronpk> if you made the layer with your application token, it's under a different account than your personal account
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15:16 <aaronpk> that could be the confusion
15:16 <rknLA> yeah. that's pretty much what i just discovered ;)
15:17 <aaronpk> i'm kind of curious about the 500 server error tho
15:17 <rknLA> yeah, i should be getting a 403 instead
15:17 <aaronpk> oh, the developer site is giving the 500 error?
15:17 <kyledrake> There's no 500s in the API for a few days I don't think it's an API level thing
15:18 <rknLA> yeah, it's not in the api.
15:19 <rknLA> i'm not sure it's a problem for me in the long run that the layers for the app get created by a different user than the account, i was just trying to visually verify that the layer was getting created.
15:20 <aaronpk> this URL should work: http://geoloqi.com/layer/:id
15:20 <rknLA> before i started using the geoloqi gem, i was using Net::HTTP directly and the grant_type=password oauth flow, so the layers i was creating were showing up in the web interface. when i switched to the gem, they stopped showing up there
15:21 <aaronpk> ah yea, password grant would be using your personal account
15:21 <rknLA> interesting. since the layer is private, i get the "You do not have access to this layer" message when i go to http://geoloqi.com/layer/:id
15:21 <rknLA> seems like my account should have access to private layers created by my application, no?
15:22 <aaronpk> that would make sense
15:23 <rknLA> i think so ;)
15:23 <aaronpk> however if your layer is going to be used by anyone except your self, it's going to need to be public anyway
15:24 <rknLA> hmm.
15:24 <rknLA> well,
15:24 <rknLA> so it's a layer for this app.
15:25 <rknLA> and should only be used by the app.
15:25 <rknLA> (rather than by other people using the geoloqi app)
15:25 <aaronpk> well, "public" is not the same as "in the geoloqi app"
15:25 <rknLA> aha
15:25 <aaronpk> if you make your layer public it won't show up in the geoloqi app
15:26 <rknLA> right. it seemed that there's an application process for that?
15:26 <aaronpk> right. we have the ability to publish a public layer into the geoloqi app
15:26 <aaronpk> like we did with wikipedia articles, earthquake layer, etc
15:26 <rknLA> got it.
15:27 <aaronpk> yea, sorry if that's confusing
15:27 <rknLA> it is a little, but no worries
15:31 <rknLA> i have a methodology question as well... is it reasonable to tell the iphone to only listen to a particular layer id?
15:32 <rknLA> (right now if my client edits the layer content, i'm creating a whole new layer, rather than dealing with place de-duplication. seems simpler from my perspective, albeit slightly wasteful)
15:34 <aaronpk> not sure exactly what you mean
15:35 <rknLA> by 'client' in this context, i mean the folks that have hired me
15:35 <rknLA> i wrote my own layer editor since i'm attaching audio to places.
15:37 <aaronpk> ok, what do you mean by "listen to a layer id"?
15:37 <aaronpk> each iphone can subscribe to different layers
15:38 <rknLA> i think i meant 'subscribe to a particular layer'
15:40 <rknLA> ruh roh. site's down
15:41 <rknLA> oh, nvm
15:41 <rknLA> my internet is borken
15:57 <aaronpk> yea each iphone would make its own user account so they can be subscribed to different layers
16:04 <rknLA> got it. awesome.
16:44 <starbuckt> Wraithan: docs are updated, will continue making small improvements. I have a better handle for how those should be structured now.
16:44 <Wraithan> starbuckt: Sweet :)
16:45 <Wraithan> starbuckt: sent you a pull request for the setup.py thing, working on the response now.
16:45 <starbuckt> great
16:45 <starbuckt> taking a look now
16:46 <Wraithan> starbuckt: tested it with `pip install .` as well as `python setup.py install` and `python setup.py develop` which all worked nicely
16:47 <starbuckt> great, yeah it looks fine, pulling down to test now
16:47 <starbuckt> Definitely appreciate having another python developer look at this. I've been writing python for a while, but have not distributed many packages.
16:47 <starbuckt> No one else on the team is a pythonista
16:48 <Wraithan> starbuckt: you should come to pdxpython and hang out with all of us python folks :)
16:48 <Wraithan> I gave a talk at the last one
16:48 <starbuckt> I came to one a few years ago, I should start coming again
16:48 <Wraithan> Think I am going to give a lightning talk at the next one
17:08 <starbuckt> Wraithan: I was considering at one point renaming geoloqi.py to api.py so it would be: from geoloqi.api import Geoloqi, what do you think?
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18:22 <Wraithan> starbuckt: sounds great
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19:29 <Wraithan> aaronpk: had to give away my dino to someone who was running the hackathon. (Forget the guy's name)
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20:08 <Wraithan> My key only has to be unique for a layer rigth?
20:08 <Wraithan> nvm
20:08 <Wraithan> it is dumb to think it would have to to be guid
20:58 <aaronpk> yes, it's a way to de-dupe places within the layer. it's not required.
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22:41 <@Wraithan> @caseorganic Thanks, I am writing up a readme and going to push the code in a couple minutes. @geoloqi @aaronpk
22:41 <@caseorganic> @Wraithan The new businesses layer you made for @geoloqi is freaking awesome! @aaronpk is running me through it right now.
22:42 <aaronpk> yeah!!!
22:46 <Wraithan> aaronpk: almost have it all ready
22:46 rknLA joined #geoloqi
22:47 <aaronpk> awesome
22:48 <aaronpk> I was hoping someone would do that today!
22:48 <aaronpk> I like the way the categories are broken up into separate layers, good idae
22:48 <Wraithan> code aint pretty
22:48 <Wraithan> but it works
22:52 <Wraithan> Going to make it faster by letting it have multiple workers and have a last run file so I only get since X days ago
22:53 <aaronpk> ah cool
22:54 <aaronpk> oh if you want to avoid writing a file for that, you could use the "extra" property of the layer to store the last run timestamp
22:56 <Wraithan> aaronpk: ah, good point, I'll think about it
22:56 <aaronpk> not sure which is easier in this case
22:56 <Wraithan> write it at the end then I'll know for sure, and always run for -3 days
22:59 <aaronpk> heading to bed, goodnight!
22:59 <Loqi> don't let the bed bugs bite
23:00 <Wraithan> aaronpk: G'night
23:03 <@Wraithan> For those wondering what @caseorganic was talking about https://t.co/KpChFk33 /cc @geoloqi
23:03 <@caseorganic> @JonMwords Great to see you today! Hope to talk to you soon! @Wraithan made a @geoloqi layer that alerts you about new businesses in town!
23:15 <@AnalyticsToday> Checking In With Geoloqi: Amber Case On Next-Gen Geo-Tracking And Keeping (Some Stuff) Free - Forbes http://t.co/ExgD4Tu2