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00:44 <@andybryant> Any thoughts on using Locus as a location source? http://t.co/dEiJJbZB That said, a custom @socialhiking @geoloqi app would be way cooler.
01:00 <@SocialHiking> @andybryant did they implement that feature? (@geoloqi custom app is a possibility)
01:58 <@fabianonline> Projekt geoloqi: Alle Punkte, an denen ich in den letzten 24 Stunden war. #postprivacy http://t.co/MrSDsJo1
02:38 <@fabianonline> @GirlUnseen Kannst das unter http://t.co/ZcvWboJS über Map und dann History halbwegs ähnlich nachbilden.
02:38 <@fabianonline> @GirlUnseen Selbst gebasteltes Skript, das regelmäßig die Daten von Geoloqi holt und in einer Karte anzeigt.
03:10 <@DieSteph> @kehrseite Servus, hast du mit dem Ding schon Erfahrungen gemacht? https://t.co/e9TMnAKz #lbs
03:58 <@ashereinhorn> Some really cool data visualisation using phone GPS: https://t.co/YSMhTpuA
04:14 <@ashereinhorn> Some really cool data visualisation using phone GPS: https://t.co/YSMhTpuA #visualisation
04:30 <@HLeichsenring> Next-generation location services might be less social http://t.co/xOejB3uc #location #sm
05:38 <@TinyVibha> Another check-in based application. https://t.co/OcMz6x9E will it float or will it sink?
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06:48 <@aleksanderdye> @hanspfo samme her, brukte Gowalla og foursquare paralellt en periode, har testet highligh, path, everplaces, sonar, roamz og nå geoloqi...
07:02 <@belleirene> Today, aside from work, I am mostly obsessed with maps of geolocational info - http://t.co/okr6P9dL
07:14 <@zoltander> What if Olmon CityMaps2Go worked with Geoloqi? Easy sharing of mobile data - when? https://t.co/oAe40ywX
07:26 <@zoltander> What if @olmon CityMaps2Go worked with @geoloqi? Easy sharing of mobile data like this would be great.
07:38 <@MeetTheStartup> The Meet the Startup Daily is out! http://t.co/nc7qVZvG ▸ Top stories today via @piepdx @geoloqi @stayhound @audioname @perkinsco
07:50 <@aleksanderdye> Geoloqi er en plattform for real-time lokasjon, meldinger og analyse. Kan dele posisjon med ikke-brukere av tjenesten http://t.co/dYQaljmd
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08:52 <@raulandrisan> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/NTSiAjcQ
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11:10 <@michelleepoh> Geoloqi: another foursquare https://t.co/gkOTQpwj
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13:40 <@Caged> @maxogden whoa, that looks amazing. It's a bit like https://t.co/UrpYgd1K isn't it?
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19:38 <@nodejschina> AT&T Defends Carrier Incubators, @geoloqi http://t.co/7xRAdoon via @Light_Reading
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