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13:01 <@AdamEdgerton> Cool, just learned that @geoloqi moved in upstairs from @metaltoad. We'll have to come up and say hi and challenge them to foosball.
13:17 <@vruba> Sushi, I reckon, and then geo stuff. Consider yourself invited. #pdx http://t.co/UOqlcawz
13:47 <@LocationCooFabb> South By Southwest: Geo-Fencing Might Change Your Life http://t.co/MJu7Df4t
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14:47 <NelsonM> are the iPhone app battery saver settings documented anywhere? It's logging far fewer points than I'd expect. Only 2 points on a 30 minute, 2+ mile walk.
14:59 <rknLA> i think battery saver is less about logging points and more about hitting the fences?
15:00 <NelsonM> dunno! I was hoping Distance Filter = 10m would make for a GPS logger that magically used less battery when I wasn't moving.
15:00 <rknLA> yeah, that'd be pretty helpful =)
15:02 <NelsonM> just re-read that post, still am confused. maybe the battery saver settings are all minimums, and logging 1 point every 15 minutes is expected behavior?
15:02 <NelsonM> the real time logging works great
15:07 <patrickarlt> NelsonM: I'm not great on the specifics on the iPhone app and SDK's but you could ask here https://community.geoloqi.com/ aaronpk is good about getting back to people
15:08 <NelsonM> thanks. wasn't sure if asking here or on the forum was preferred.
15:09 <patrickarlt> here is good but aaronpk is the best guy to ask about these things and i think he is AFK right now
15:12 <patrickarlt> NelsonM: take a look at these http://developers.geoloqi.com/ios/tracking-profiles
15:12 <patrickarlt> part of the SDK docs
15:12 <NelsonM> oh nice, I didn't see that my first look. thanks!
15:14 <NelsonM> I think the Logging mode in that doc is what I want, and it looks like that's what the iPhone app calls "Custom" mode. Curious how the battery life is in that mode, will try it.
15:14 <NelsonM> my secret hope was that Geoloqi has a mode where the iPhone mostly doesn't have the geolocation stuff powered on (saving battery), but when you leave range of your local wifi it realizes you've moved and fires up tracking
15:15 <NelsonM> not sure if iOS makes that possible
15:20 <Wraithan> NelsonM: the gps isn't actually the expensive part in most people's cases
15:20 <NelsonM> is it the TCP upload? not uploading if the user doesn't move seems like an obvious optimization...
15:21 <Wraithan> NelsonM: It is generally the blasting of points off to a service. Turning on the 4g/3g/2g antenna is super expensive
15:23 <Wraithan> NelsonM: there is lots of smart stuff built into the SDKs, I am not sure of all the details but in talking to aaronpk I've learned lots about the cool stuff it does, but I'll leave it up to him to explain/verify actual fetures
15:23 <NelsonM> hmm, are you sure? offline GPS apps like Navigon or MotionX drain the battery pretty fast. of coures, iPhone location uses cell and wifi a little bit.
15:24 <NelsonM> I don't mean to make aaronpk talk a lot just to me! Was hoping it was written up somewhere.
15:25 <Wraithan> NelsonM: These sort of things (the things people ask about commonly) get turned into pages :)
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16:43 <@vruba> The new @geoloqi HQ is the set of a survival horror game. I mean that in the nicest possible way.
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