04:50 <@GirlUnseen> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/ehBnKV4r
06:28 <@fergusdyersmith> Map attack - turn any map into a game - http://t.co/xlilG8xZ
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09:40 <@gletham> The future of the Interface from @caseorganic of GeoLoqi - technology should dissolve into teh background #whereconf
09:44 <@PieroMuscara> @caseorganic "The phone will become the remote control of reality" #geoloqi @whereconf
09:44 <@spara> Haraway #whereconf #geoloqi #ghostinthemachine http://t.co/1O6KA0dZ http://t.co/7GsS9Wrc
09:46 <@TamaraMP> "Don't eat that!" @caseorganic @geoloqi send a push notification when you're near an eatery w/ bad health inspection (geofence). #whereconf
09:46 <@PieroMuscara> @Novusx fab ! check this: http://t.co/6kKnOamz "the phone will become the remote control of reality" @caseorganic #whereconf
09:48 <@gisuser> Thats @geoloqi running on android OS as described in @caseyorganic #whereconf talk http://t.co/5JxLLEUZ
09:48 <@inuro> リアル陣取り的なゲーム。なかなかリア充集団じゃないと難しそうだ #WhereConf / “MapAttack” http://t.co/P62alBXa
09:48 <@PhilJ> MapAttack - http://t.co/xe4aFBVp #whereconf
09:50 <@acoote> #whereconf - geoloqi has developed apps that mine location clues from wiki articles and a geo games to get kids exercising - worth a look
09:50 <@GMTeditions> #whereconf En 2020 selon Ericsson il y aura 50 milliards de terminaux connectés au Web. Rapporté par Amber Case Geoloqi.
09:54 <@PieroMuscara> @caseorganic very interesting speech @whereconf thank you. I'll Think how I might use Geoloqi for ARTE.it (mapping arts in Italy) ;-) brava!
09:54 <@iceycake> http://t.co/loGSSh4S geo fencing (invisible button) concept is very interesting. Hope they can the battrery drain problem. #whereconf
09:56 <@iceycake> After geocaching, now we have attacking the map game!! #whereconf #geoloqi
10:00 <@neogeografen> Ser at https://t.co/3bjYpeRH loc-game af en art bliver omtalt end del på #whereconf
10:02 <@digiphile> @aaronpk @kevinmarks Oh, cool! Then I stand updated & grateful. That sounds like a really cool app. Probably uses the @geoloqi API, right?
10:10 <@GirlUnseen> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/M7FyWHgA
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10:42 <@philiphubs> You are the interface! Use Geoloqi apps, SDKs or APIs and "your phone will become a remote for reality". http://t.co/jffrT785 #Whereconf
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11:02 <@tedder42> @caseorganic non-realtime @geoloqi! RT @maggie1000: Mobile Scavenger Hunt - 70 kids and their smartphones in Stockholm http://t.co/SEVBoQbx
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12:04 <@bardsmith> Geo-fencing might change the world http://t.co/60pEh6QL #tech #location
13:38 <@JacobyDave> Wanna do more with Latitude or @openpathscc or @geoloqi but when I'm at work, I lose contact with GPS & mobile and my loc gets goofy.
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19:15 <@MSusanaDavalosT> South By Southwest Keynote: Why Geo-Fencing Might Just Change the World http://t.co/bTGdbfwZ vía @Techland
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20:21 <@pkbot> aaronpk created branch master at geoloqi/iPhone-SDK http://t.co/Y0ECkkla [Github]
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22:11 <@kyledrake> @sleeptillseven @geoloqi We push tech very hard over here! And there's many epoll/libevent-powered services in the platform architecture.
22:15 <@sleeptillseven> @kyledrake @geoloqi yes, I guessed so. I wished, I had that too.