00:54 <@PilgrimChris> Test map using @Geoloqi with @SocialHiking #ShareYourAdventure http://t.co/d9lw2ete via @PilgrimChris
01:22 <@PilgrimChris> @DaylightGambler Looks like @Geoloqi finally linked to my SH :)
01:26 <@PilgrimChris> Geolocation's Potential Heats Up With @Geoloqi's Battery-Saving Tech http://t.co/D8e88qaH via @techcrunch
01:34 <@PilgrimChris> Will attempt to use @geoloqi with @SocialHiking whilst my #Android phone is in Flight mode for next Test later today.
03:08 <@PilgrimChris> Testing @geoloqi with @SocialHiking. Going into flight mode. (@ Olly's Lodge) http://t.co/xtY8GfJE
03:26 <@PilgrimChris> Turning flight mode off for @geoloqi test with @SocialHiking (@ Barclays Bank) http://t.co/iYqrvi3Y
04:04 <@PilgrimChris> End of @geoloqi test (@ Pilgrims Rest) http://t.co/rCMPxfmJ
05:32 <@Techclaw> Geoloqi: The Next Generation of GPS http://t.co/XhdejUsn
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08:34 <@glynpovah> Smartphone Battery Dead Again? Geoloqi Locates a Possible Solution | Underwire | http://t.co/ff8Ucosw http://t.co/P9Vjo5GJ
09:00 <@century_23> Geoloqi: The Next Generation of GPS http://t.co/T2KMa3vm
09:04 <@Teczealots> Geoloqi: The Next Generation of GPS http://t.co/uYIEAhU3
09:04 <@Featuretechs> Geoloqi: The Next Generation of GPS http://t.co/CxuoE7d2
09:20 <@vanessacamones> also if you are at venturebeat mobile summit @caseorganic is on stage now doing an interview... should be great stuff. cc: @geoloqi
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12:26 <@LenKendall> Anyone tried Geoloqi? Thoughts? https://t.co/sa2tjC8i
12:38 <@brianjeremy> @LenKendall yes, i only have good thing say. currently working Geoloqi into a new project. cc @caseorganic @aaronpk
13:02 <@YOOSE> #Whereconf highlight: Ambient Location and the Future
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13:36 <rknLA> hey there.
13:38 <patrickarlt> hey
13:43 <rknLA> how's things in geoloqi land?
13:51 <patrickarlt> going well how is your project going
13:52 <rknLA> not too bad. got some basic infrastructure in place.. need to figure out some integration stuff still
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13:55 <rknLA> argh. looks like MKMapView
13:55 <rknLA> is not skinnable =(
13:55 <aaronpk> skinnable?
13:58 <rknLA> it only allows default colors.
13:58 <aaronpk> for streets and such?
13:58 <rknLA> yea, see geo.rkn.la for an example of a greyscale-ish style
13:59 <aaronpk> ah, yes, that is because it's Apple's framework, not Google's
14:00 <rknLA> right
14:00 <rknLA> big sadface.
14:00 <aaronpk> check out this project https://github.com/route-me/route-me
14:01 <aaronpk> mentioned in this presentation by incanus77 http://www.slideshare.net/devseed/alternative-mapping-on-ios
14:01 <rknLA> oreeeeally
14:01 <aaronpk> (he sometimes hangs out in this channel)
14:02 <@joshzuniga> @caseorganic @aaronpk Not sure if you have seen this great TEDx video with Jer Thorp http://t.co/8JYqKI1V! Thought of geoloqi when I saw it
14:06 <rknLA> anyone experimented with using openstreetmap inside a uiwebview?
14:06 <aaronpk> actually we just started doing that
14:06 <aaronpk> it's not unreasonable
14:06 <rknLA> ha! nice!
14:06 <aaronpk> you actually want to use Leaflet
14:07 <aaronpk> you can point it at any number of different map tile providers, MapQuest hosts some openstreetmaps tiles
14:07 <rknLA> ah, someone else suggested cloudmade in my SO question
14:08 <patrickarlt> rknLA : mapquest (http://developer.mapquest.com/web/products/open/map) or mapbox (http://mapbox.com/tour/) are good options
14:09 <rknLA> patrickarlt: thanks!
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14:12 <patrickarlt> rknLA: here are some samples for leaflet with mapquest and mapbox
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14:13 <rknLA> has the best internet connection ever.
14:16 <rknLA> patrickarlt: i'm looking at your Trimet app... does that work within the geoloqi app as a layer?
14:17 <patrickarlt> yup in the app users will see the trimet layer when they are in/around the portland area
14:18 <rknLA> nice
14:18 <patrickarlt> the layer has all the places (bus stops) on it which POST to my server to process the response, and then I send the message back to the user with geoloqis 'message/send' method
14:19 <rknLA> right.. POST is using trigger_callback?
14:20 <patrickarlt> just set type:callback and url:http://yoursite.com and you will get data posted to the url
14:23 <rknLA> nice.. it makes sense from the docs, just neat to see it in action =)
15:06 <@ConcentricSky> Good to see Oregon represented well at #whereconf @UrbanAirship @meridianapps @geoloqi
15:10 <@calebruckner> “@ConcentricSky: Good to see Oregon represented well at #whereconf @UrbanAirship @meridianapps @geoloqi” and @tenfouragency
19:14 <@KellyBearer> Why Geo-Fencing Might Just Change the World http://t.co/Dmd6hgqw via @Techland
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20:12 <@sleeptillseven> @kyledrake I'm pretty sure your use cases (at @geoloqi) push any technology to the limit ;)
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21:28 <@yvonnequirante> I'm here in Wafa Banat School.... http://t.co/SNGeq92A
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