02:14 <@tomasmcguinness> Panic over. I found the flag. I'm still struggling to get the @geoloqi SDK integrated into an empty app, but I"m making progress.
03:26 <@projektfriedhof> Soo schön können Bewegungsdaten Profile aussehen! http://t.co/5Zdo6uhy sollte es das nicht von jedem geben?
03:46 <@URAsg> MapAttack Turns The City Into A Real-Life Pac-Man Board http://t.co/I9S2f2CX
04:14 <@clothbot> @geoloqi the iPhone app (3GS) hasn't been working for me for a few days now. Known issue?
04:20 <@ArchisVolume> Everywhere I’ve Been: Co-founder of location-sharing platform Geoloqi Aaron Parecki has been tracking every... http://t.co/Hc9pUsBE
04:34 <@tyrgr> Geoloqi makes it easy to add location to your applications https://t.co/30C2Fykk
04:54 <@teacherlp> Photo: sunfoundation: http://t.co/KdDoN20S
05:20 <@ScottNolanSmith> #MapAttack app turns the city into a real-life Pac-Man board - http://t.co/emY8aY4A (via @PopUpCity) #mobile
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05:31 <BlackSheep1987> Hi there
05:31 <BlackSheep1987> I have a question about your service
05:31 <BlackSheep1987> anyone amiable for support?
05:32 <BlackSheep1987> *available
05:45 <Wraithan> BlackSheep1987: this early, not very often. IRC works best if you just ask your question and then stay signed in and wait for an answer
05:46 <Wraithan> I am not an employee of Geoloqi but I know a bit about the platform.
05:46 <BlackSheep1987> all right :)
05:47 <BlackSheep1987> I just wanted to know if there are some test, data or something that prove that the SDK really save battery time
05:47 <BlackSheep1987> comparing them with a normal use of the core location
05:48 <BlackSheep1987> before to start to use the framework and invest time in it, I want to be sure that I'm not wasting my time
05:48 <Wraithan> Well, what you mean by save battery time?
05:49 <Wraithan> BlackSheep1987: what are you expecting from it
05:50 <Wraithan> It saves battery vs statically using the platform and doing all the collection and sending of points yourself
05:51 <BlackSheep1987> I've done some test and for example if I let the CCLocation manager on for 12 hours, without anything else in bg it consumes x% of the battery (I've done the test with different model and phones)
05:52 <BlackSheep1987> I was wondering if there are some result of tests done using this SDK
05:54 <Wraithan> You have to be ultra careful with tests like that to get good results. I don't know if they have done testing vs other platforms.
05:54 <Wraithan> CCLocation manager, that doesn't seem to send points to a service or anything like that
05:56 <BlackSheep1987> I've done test with\without using a tcp socket to send the point and sending always\caching and sending them in group
05:58 <Wraithan> I don't see it being (much) better in static tests like that
05:58 <Wraithan> But I don't know everything about how it is implemented
05:59 <Wraithan> the thing is, static tests like that are mostly meaningless
06:00 <BlackSheep1987> I don't understand why
06:00 <Wraithan> Such as dynamically ramping up and down the point sending based on how much movement has happened
06:00 <Wraithan> Or how near to a point of interest you are
06:01 <Wraithan> As well as I think it can do geofencing on the phone
06:01 <Wraithan> Or at least that was discussed
06:04 <BlackSheep1987> I'll try to do some smart test
06:05 <BlackSheep1987> where can I find the API key?
06:05 <BlackSheep1987> (I've created an account)
06:05 <Wraithan> Also, you planning on using the Geoloqi api either way, just a matter of SDK or not, or are you comparing platforms?
06:09 <BlackSheep1987> I want to compare performance of Geoloqi api&sdk for a tracking app vs my very own implementation (several of them)
06:10 <Wraithan> BlackSheep1987: If you are talking about for the API, the API Key it refers to the application API key
06:10 <Wraithan> BlackSheep1987: geoloqi is a lot more than just tracking
06:10 <Wraithan> you realize that right?
06:10 <BlackSheep1987> yes
06:10 <BlackSheep1987> I'm interested in tracking
06:10 <Wraithan> Then why are you writing your own app?
06:11 <Wraithan> Just use the geoloqi app, or one of the others out there that do pure tracking?
06:11 <Wraithan> I know geoloqi lets you export your data
06:12 <BlackSheep1987> I want to implement an app that do tracking (and other stuff) I just have to decided if this framework give values to my application or it's better stay with my implementation
06:13 <Wraithan> Nice thing about Geoloqi is you don't have to write a native app to do really cool things with the platform. Instead implementing a layer and doing places and fences on that will give you most of the functionality that most people want to do when they are building out geolocation stuff
06:14 <Wraithan> plus it is cross platform :)
06:17 <BlackSheep1987> I see :)
06:18 <Wraithan> Which I like because CCLocation is an iOS thing iirc which means whatever you are building wont run on my phone, just my iPad
06:18 <BlackSheep1987> but I'm more interested in accuracy and battery consumption. I just wanted to know if I need to test those values by my self of if there are already public results, that's all
06:18 <Wraithan> aaronpk: ^ read aforementioned conversation whenever you wake up.
06:19 <Wraithan> That was phrased poorly
06:19 <Wraithan> oh well, it is 6:20a
06:19 <BlackSheep1987> not here in europe =)
06:19 <BlackSheep1987> anyway, yea I see your point, I'm not saying "it's bad", it's about if it feet my needs or not
06:20 <Wraithan> BlackSheep1987: oh totally, I am all for whatever works best for you. I also just love the platform:)
06:28 <BlackSheep1987> ok another question if you're steel awake
06:29 <BlackSheep1987> where can I see the data collected by the demo app
06:29 <Wraithan> Not sure, I've not used the demo app, I mostly have interacted with their web api
06:30 <BlackSheep1987> ok
07:06 <@DigitalNibbles> Next up on 3.28 @ 3p PT is @caseorganic co-founder of @geoloqi & Cyber Anthologist! Get your questions ready now! http://t.co/lrZFIwsN
07:53 <aaronpk> BlackSheep1987: good morning! (PST)
07:53 <Loqi> *yawn* it's probably not cloudy
07:53 <BlackSheep1987> good morning to you :)
07:54 <BlackSheep1987> here is almost weekend
07:54 <aaronpk> glad Wraithan was able to answer some of your questions
07:54 <aaronpk> Friday morning here!
07:54 <Wraithan> aaronpk: hopefully I didn't fumble it too much
07:54 <aaronpk> not at all
07:55 <aaronpk> BlackSheep1987: we are still working on publishing some benchmark tests about battery life, but don't have anything public yet
07:55 <BlackSheep1987> in the meanwhile I guess I'll make some test myself
07:56 <aaronpk> that would be great, i'd be curious to see what you come up with
07:56 <aaronpk> tho it sounds like you've done some pretty good fine tuning on your own
07:56 <aaronpk> you probably won't see much improvement for normal "always-on" tracking. where a lot of our improvements come in to play are with regards to triggering messages when you're nearby stuff
07:56 <BlackSheep1987> it's 2-3 weeks I'm investigating on CCLocation/batter consumption
07:57 <BlackSheep1987> *battery
07:59 <BlackSheep1987> where are you guys from btw?
07:59 <aaronpk> Portland, Oregon
08:01 <Wraithan> Same
08:14 <BlackSheep1987> nice :)
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09:00 <@SiliconANGLE> : Geoloqi Launches Platform for White Label Geolocation Apps http://t.co/vB5UA4uu
09:40 <@mkscrg> The @geoloqi app and API are awesome! http://t.co/kgWkTSr8 would have been a lot more work without them.
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10:38 <@CheckMyTour_de> Gerade mal geoloqi probiert. Ist ja ganz übel. Der Ortungsdienst läuft weiter, selbst wenn man die App beendet?! Geht gar nicht?!
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11:29 <rknLA> i know ya'll _just_ announced it, but is appcelerator + geoloqi something i can do right now? or is it still to be released?
11:37 <starbuckt> The appcelerator modules are not yet available.
11:39 <rknLA> drat
11:42 <@CorrieDavidson> Why Geo-Fencing Might Change Your Life (& Make You Believe in Location Sharing) http://t.co/phLG1xd3
11:48 <rknLA> so the best cross-platform approach right now is either to implement a layer on top of the geoloqi app, or to have two code bases?
11:48 <rknLA> sad panda.
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17:58 <@n_quinlan> Just got a Loqisaur flash drive from @caseorganic! Thanks! (@ Geoloqi HQ) [pic]: http://t.co/kToRux2c
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