04:35 <@mattrowntree> Love the sound of #Geoloqi, but saw #Banjo in action the other day and it scares me!.. RT @danbulteel: SXSWi trends http://t.co/7JoOUyl4
04:58 <@craigtmackenzie> @geoloqi or reply, and fear my message is now lost!
04:58 <@craigtmackenzie> @geoloqi does the contact form on your site work? i sent a message some days ago with some questions, but haven't got a confirmation...
07:10 <@nateriggs> Really fascinating article -- Smarter computers, happier lives - why geo-fencing might change the world -- http://t.co/l7ggDXh2
07:12 <@ClyveMyers> “@nateriggs:Really fascinating article -- Smarter computers, happier lives - why geo-fencing might change the world -- http://t.co/5i4QAAO9”
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07:50 <@docrivs> South By Southwest Keynote: Why Geo-Fencing Might Just Change the World http://t.co/r2XoKQ5i via @Techland
08:00 <@schrm> Live Tracking! Ob das so funktioniert? http://t.co/N7K00pJJ
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09:14 <@geoloqi> @craigtmackenzie Hi! it looks like we somehow lost your first E-mail (but got your 2nd!) Could you send one off to case at geoloqi dot com?
09:24 <@oliverlohr> Los geht´s nach DUS zum #sfpf12 http://t.co/rkforEuI
09:40 <@oliverlohr> )-: ich gebe auf, @geoloqi ist wohl noch im Beta-Status. #Absturz
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09:42 <webchat181> hi! i'm trying to export all of my points into one big kml file. can you explain me how to do this?
09:44 <webchat181> anyone online?
09:45 <patrickarlt> webchat181: you can use the geoloqi.com website with a large count
09:46 <patrickarlt> ill post a screenshot in a sec
09:46 <webchat181> no that doesnt work. it just gives me a file with a limited number of points. something like the last couple of thousands. no matter which count i chose, even at 10000000
09:47 <patrickarlt> you also need to adjust the date fields make the start date sometime before you started using geoloqi
09:48 <webchat181> and the weird thing is, in standard options (200 point), it shows me the last 200 points i took. but when i raise the number to lets say 5000, it shows me a fraction of yesterdays route.
09:48 <patrickarlt> note "from" is 2010
09:49 <aaronpk> i have a script i was about to post to github and send you an email
09:50 <patrickarlt> you dont have to wait for the line to render on the map to get the kml file, they are seperate actions
09:50 <webchat181> yeah right, i get a bigger count. but still not all of it.
09:50 <webchat181> what kind of script do you mean? to fetch the data?
09:50 <aaronpk> patrickarlt: there's actually a bug with the website ever since we added the thing that skips over gaps of data
09:51 <aaronpk> we need to add "ignore_gaps=1" to the query it makes so that it returns more data
09:51 <patrickarlt> oh well thats easy give me a sec
09:52 <webchat181> ah that yould explain why it stops somewhere on the highway and doesnt give me the data from the time before that.
09:52 <webchat181> could *
09:52 <aaronpk> it's meant to prevent weird lines from appearing across the map by detecting "trips" and only showing the latest. it should only be doing that on the default map view though.
09:53 <webchat181> is there an "undefault" map view as well?
09:53 <patrickarlt> default view and history view
09:55 <webchat181> ah ok. i am in history view, because i raised the number of points and the time range. still not all. and the kml file i downloaded only goes back to yesterday somewhere around noon. the time before that and the day before yesterday isnt in it though i raised the number of point to a crazy big nuber
09:59 <patrickarlt> webchat181: im pushing a fix for the in a minute
10:00 <webchat181> cool, thanks!
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10:05 <patrickarlt> webchat181: try it now with something small like 2000 points and leave from and to fields blank if it works then up the count and do the export
10:08 <webchat181> thats kinda strange. it shows me activity from yesterday now, but neither the points before that nor these from today. i dont get it…
10:10 <aaronpk> might be a timezone thing. check to make sure the timezone on your account is right
10:11 <webchat181> when i download the file, its the same as before. the line starts somewhere on the highway although i tracked myself since hours earlier
10:14 <webchat181> heres a screenshot of it. ive been around in munich before quite a lot and then took the highway. and you can see how the track starts somewhere on it
10:16 <patrickarlt> so you are expecting to see the trail continue toward the right side of the map toward munich
10:19 <webchat181> right. and around in munich as well. it's impossible that i havent selected enough points. is there a limit in the kml filesize?
10:20 <aaronpk> you emailed earlier, right? Toby?
10:20 <aaronpk> I want to dig into your account some
10:20 <webchat181> yeah, toby :)
10:22 <webchat181> i started recording monday. i was around in munich monday and yesterday morning and took the highway to memmingen yesterday at 1pm or so. since then im here. if that helps
10:22 <Loqi> guten morgen! it's probably not cloudy
10:24 <webchat181> guten morgen is good, its half past 6 pm. but right, its not cloudy at all!
10:27 <aaronpk> heh, loqi is set to Pacific time
10:27 <webchat181> sorry i gotta go now but you can reach me anytime via email tobias.hugel@me.com
10:28 <webchat181> one last question: if the export works or not, all of the points are stored, right? so nothing gets lost with the time
10:28 <aaronpk> correct. all the points are in the database.
10:28 <aaronpk> you can also get them via the API, which is the example script I was about to post
10:32 <webchat181> ooook. you gotta know, i'm a mac user who doesn't even know what php means. my only way to do such stuff is to click on labeled buttons that show me what to do :) but i copied the link, i gotta read me in later on. thank you! nice heatmaps by the way!!
10:33 <aaronpk> thanks! We're talking about making a tool to easily dump all your history to your computer
10:34 <webchat181> see you guys and thank you for your help! i'll check back tomorrow roughly at the same time. have a nice day!
10:34 <webchat181> @aaron: thats cool, cheers! bye!
10:48 <@benjaminhike> South By Southwest #Keynote: Smarter #computers, happier lives - why #geo-#fencing might change the world | Te… http://t.co/HTH47n85 #sxsw
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11:13 <@schrm> @ErnieTroelf LOL, also die Software geoloqi fürs iphone kann man wohl vergessen fürs tracken. #schrott
13:26 <@bryanfalling> @caseorganic Loved your SXSW talk. Would love you to come by @RazorfishNY to chat about geoloqi if you are ever in town! Sent you an email.
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15:16 <@let5ch> Heading to the bus using @Geoloqi for the 1st test run.
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17:52 <@twaddington> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi: https://t.co/rbWY8rJV /cc @isaacviel
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18:24 <@cjdaniel> Biking home. Trying out this tracking thing ... http://t.co/iCZNd9Aw
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20:30 <@rknLA> Actually, I'm staying in. Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/bmNE1P33
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