01:40 <@tomasmcguinness> Going to be giving @geoloqi a go as part of my latest hair-brained scheme! API seems nice enough.
02:27 <@jmlweb> Geoloqi - Geoloqi - A powerful platform for mobile location, messaging, and analytics http://t.co/pGTmnHYa
05:16 <@frasercole> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/sYyxyiip
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07:40 <@alexandrewall> Even easier - try @geoloqi's geo notes feature. RT @lifehacker Geo Notepad is a location aware reminder app for Chrome http://t.co/CeIzHTS4
08:00 <@CACPGT> Smartphones Getting Better Tools for Precision Tracking http://t.co/Einst9BD #locationbasedservices #apps #Geoloqi #wireless #smartphones
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08:26 <@nondenominabri> Geoloqi Launches Powerful Next Generation Location Based Service Platform http://t.co/MlhsV0up
09:22 <@pkbot> aaronpk closed pull request 2 on geoloqi/Amazon-SES-Mailer-PHP http://t.co/yKlU26wh [Github]
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10:56 <@CurtisVizIntel> Just started using Geoloqi on Android for GPS tests. Will post some data over the next few weeks @geoloqi @geotime
11:16 <@rubygems> sinatra-geoloqi (0.9.4): http://t.co/M32fZbPG Geoloqi adapter for Sinatra, quickly allows you to make applications
11:22 <@Brandemix> .@geoloqi says future location-based apps will focus more on reminders and user customization, less on posting check-ins to social sites.
12:02 <@DataVizGuy> What does 3.5 years of personal GPS tracking and 2.5 data points look like... http://t.co/jURnwmhP #DataViz #BigData
12:06 <@aaronpk> @geotime Awesome! Can you email me? aaron at geoloqi dot com.
12:32 <@seanbohan> GeoFences & GeoTriggers from @caseorganic and @geoloqi - I might need to teach myself how to code... http://t.co/565U3EH9
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13:16 <@DLHermesPhotog> @caseorganic super smart and awesome chick.. thanks for coming in for the @Adweek shoot! http://t.co/n3cnXfh6
14:16 <@nzographos> @geoloqi I set up the Sample App, and read through the docs... Where does the tracked data go?
14:18 <@nzographos> @geoloqi got it. Thanks!
14:18 <@geoloqi> @nzographos It goes to our API, you can query the location history from here https://t.co/uE22cGkN
14:20 <@twaddington> @nzographos an Anonymous user account is created and data is sent to our server. Use your app API key/secret to get user data. /cc @geoloqi
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17:46 <@nondenominabri> http://t.co/MlhsV0up Geoloqi Launches Powerful Next Generation Location Based Service Platform
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19:44 <@jess_cheng> Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/nVdlpCW0
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22:58 <@fizzywords> Geoloqi’s Amber Case Wants to Simplify LBS App-making http://t.co/3kVxcrBj
23:38 <@RasmusOStride> On my way to #emeet http://t.co/gDYlfxfZ who can catch me?