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10:13 <nohorse> FYI: on vacation until 4/1, ya'all ha ve a great spring break. more WP7 effort when I return.
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14:12 <@mdusing> My desk of Dino pals from @geoloqi http://t.co/swJVs3MK
15:28 <@MatildaEmily> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/WRrHOGse
15:46 <@DireEmmaDyer> Everywhere I’ve Been: Data Portraits Powered by 3.5 years of data and 2.5 million GPS Points https://t.co/TQL7CYvQ
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20:58 <@SeanWalsh12> The next Foursquare? Why more location sharing apps might be the future via @Time- http://t.co/kP0aPF3T
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