00:00 <Loqi> patrickarlt: I'll be working on one of mine this weekend as well, if you want to hang out and hack together
00:00 <Loqi> Countdown set by Wraithan on 3/16/12 at 2:36pm
00:56 <@zejefferson> Everywhere I've Been: Data Portraits Powered by 3.5 years of GPS data and 2.5 million GPS Points http://t.co/hNlneBUF
06:52 <@hiutdenim> Everywhere I've Been: Via Data GPS Points - Geoloqi Blog http://t.co/IVeJsBFS
07:04 <@stephenwing> @DaylightGambler How's the geoloqi testing going then? ;-) Are you using their sample app, or are you building your own app?
07:10 <@DaylightGambler> @stephenwing this map was done using Geoloqi with 10 minute update intervals - http://t.co/JYTe1JfP
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08:02 <@WorldVentures> Little geeky Sat morning reading for ya. The future of geo-location. Not gonna lie, this sounds AWESOME. http://t.co/TgG620eY
08:44 <@SocialHiking> Unfortunately @geoloqi does not check with server that points are received. No signal (or flight mode) means you lose that leg of track
09:10 <@stephenmurphEy> Everywhere I've Been: Powered by 3.5 years of data and 2.5 million GPS Points http://t.co/fLkHA8T4
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09:56 <@nodejschina> GeoLoqi & Tate, recommend tracking their progress http://t.co/FGNbboCz
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10:46 <Jim__> Wraithan: I think I understand what you were saying yesterday about the layers... I was looking over patrickarlt code for the trimet app and I 'think' i get it... The web app that I would write would (simply speaking) consist of callbacks that the geoloqi servers call when a user triggers a place on one of my layers
10:48 <Jim__> so, the user of my app would be running the Geoloqi client, subscribe to one of my layers, then when they are out and about and trigger a 'place', my app gets the callback... in the call back I can take actions such as sending them messages, etc.
10:48 <@hertling> @geoloqi @caseorganic If I start running Geoloqi now, will I be able to make my own 3-yr GPS maps in 2015?
10:48 <Jim__> is this understanding generally correct, or am I way off?
10:50 <@PhilKinjerski> Some @Geoloqi love. @FastCoDesign: A map-obsessed child grows into a superb digital cartographer: http://t.co/JXbSbuOa (Sweet timelapse vid)
11:16 <@ReposiBOK> Geoloqi Extends Platform With Appcelerator, Factual and Locaid Partnerships
11:46 <@mdzimm> Everywhere I've Been: Data Portraits Powered by 3.5 years of data and 2.5 million GPS Points - Geoloqi Blog http://t.co/DErFCt3D
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12:14 <Loqi> VR offers beacons & gpx export allowing everything to be done on phone tho gpx can't be live like geoloqi
12:38 <@CorbinKappler> Smarter computers, happier lives - why geo-fencing might change the world | Techland | http://t.co/PRQO5qjg http://t.co/aPJKC6ic
13:04 <@TedCurtin> Why Geo-Fencing Might Change Your Life http://t.co/kBQLVgLA #mobile #retail #location #marketing via @retailgeek
13:44 <@goonth> Really interesting piece by @aaronpk of Geoloqi on his GPS data portraits -> http://t.co/Z3JGi4gc #adaptiveanalytics #geonarratives
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18:56 <@privy1> Geoloqi, Solver of the Great Location Problem, Partners Up http://t.co/CmrNyPKU
19:52 <@codecore> @wp7dev Why is #WP7 missing http://t.co/JyKhnNOW and http://t.co/dUDqhLWE libraries?
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