00:26 <@Geoactual> El cofundador de Geoloqi graba su vida en GPS durante 3,5 años y genera estos impresionantes mapas: http://t.co/moa39RJa
01:24 <@clivewalker> Checking out Geoloqi https://t.co/KP4rvJ7Y and its app
01:44 <@ianpearsonphoto> @clivewalker I also use Glympse when meeting someone that does not us Latitude. Works a bit like Geoloqi in that you send a link to track.
01:48 <@azetapuntnl> Geo-Social tools minder social in de toekomst? http://t.co/dXun9YFc
02:42 <@jakosteb> Geoloqi Launches Platform for White Label Geolocation Apps
02:48 <@NomadAgency> South By Southwest Keynote: Why Geo-Fencing Might Just Change the World http://t.co/bz82HVDX via @Techland
03:26 <@fabianonline> @Rene_dev Lokale DB die ich per Skript mit den Daten von Geoloqi fülle.
04:10 <@skykipp> Everywhere I’ve Been: Data Portraits Powered by 3.5 years of data and 2.5 million GPS Points https://t.co/kxnQdIb2 Great Viz work!
04:22 <@nondenominabri> Geoloqi Launches Powerful Next Generation Location Based Service Platform http://t.co/MlhsV0up
05:18 <@simonszu> @fabianonline welche App hast du auf dem iPhone um geoloqi damit zu füttern?
05:20 <@fabianonline> @NHBoehm Geoloqi-Webservice mit der Geoloqi-App.
05:30 <@fabianonline> @Rene_dev @NHBoehm @simonszu Na ja, die API, die Geoloqi nutzt, ist bekannt
05:30 <Loqi> der Quellcode der App ist offen... URL ändern und fertig. ;-)
05:38 <@rasagy> Everywhere I've Been: Data Portraits by @aaronpk Powered by 3.5 years of data and 2.5 million GPS Points http://t.co/Dsw1YBJ8
05:46 <@NHBoehm> Tihihi. Laut geoloqi ist der weg von meiner Couch ins Bad etwa 200 Meter weit. ;)
05:46 <@BullseyeMedia> Why Geo-Fencing Might Change Your Life (and Make You Believe in Location Sharing) http://t.co/u3tJ7zE7
05:54 <@fabianonline> @Rene_dev Nö, aber die App nutzt wohl auch die normale API von Geoloqi. Die ist dokumentiert und nachmachbar.
06:18 <@subzcat> trying Geoloqi today
06:30 <@DhilipSiva_linx> #linux #opensource geoloqi-python 1.0.1 http://t.co/5YrE97Gn #DhilipSiva
06:54 <@polizeros> Geoloqi, Solver of the Great Location Problem, Partners Up http://t.co/0F0HpVyN
07:42 <@kingjaynl> Even buurten bij vpro http://t.co/da6rD8Ho
07:58 <@pcplusmag> Data portraits: Three years of one man's life in GPS art -... http://t.co/QZXNINzw
08:04 <@jakem> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/Xr6uTL5J
08:26 <@jgscherer> The #map obsession behind @geoloqi - What 2.5 million POIs can do - (via @fastcodesign): http://t.co/QfCYORnn
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09:22 <@weiserjo> @geoloqi is there a changelog for the android version i can subscribe to?
09:26 <@welovejeff> From SXSW: Check out Geoloqi, and API that gives you Geofencing, Location Based Analytics, & Location Tracking. http://t.co/D6KZdzt2
10:30 <@ReposTMQ> Geoloqi Extends Platform With Appcelerator, Factual and Locaid Partnerships
10:44 <@AgendaNYC> Friday Five #4: @aaronpk 's "Everywhere I’ve Been: Data Portraits Powered by 3.5 years of data/2.5 million GPS Points" http://t.co/5U7ZtzBU
10:46 <@geoworldmedia> #Geoloqi launches SDKs (software development kit) to tap potential of #location data http://t.co/AGX2JJDC via @geoworldmedia
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10:52 <@fabianonline> Ich habe dann mel gerade geoloqi-backup noch leicht aufgemotzt: Es spielt jetzt WMS, um auf der Map dynamisch generierte Bilder zu zeigen.
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11:34 <@BBHLabs> .@caseorganic interviewed in TIME about her 2nd gen geo-location platform, @geoloqi: http://t.co/VJLjnfGC
12:02 <@GinnyBayes> Could this make you believe in sharing your location? | http://t.co/1BywOMpe #local #marketing #smallbiz
12:26 <@almafumiko> Geoloqi idea: Use @geoloqi to leave notes for people if they are late for a meeting or mistake the location.
13:06 <@tkirszenstein> Never mind checking-in, #geofencing can help you lead a more efficient and enjoyable life: http://t.co/SWZMqipy @nleecook @caseorganic #lbs
13:14 <@drelu> Geoloqi - A powerful location-based API: https://t.co/mEpdjr2Q
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13:45 <Jim_> If I understand geoloqi correctly, it's that it can provide my app with real-time location data in a battery sensitive manner, so that I could have my webapp running for long durations, while sending my location info to a backend server. In looking at the API methods, I don't see any sort of 'monitor' functionality whereby my location data is constantly being monitored. As a developer, should I be getting my location data through some
13:45 <Jim_> 'navigator.geolocation' and then in a polling method, send this info to the geoloqi api?
13:45 <Jim_> Or am I completely missing the boat here?
13:49 <starbuckt> Hey Jim_, are you looking at the iOS or Android SDK? Or are you looking at the web API documentation?
13:50 <Jim_> I'm looking at the javascript API... I'm not planning on building a native app, but rather a web app... is such a thing (ie. the battery-senstive monitoring) possible by only using Javascript?
13:55 <patrickarlt> Jim_: watching a users location was added to geoloqi.js yesterday so you can use the latest master
13:56 <patrickarlt> Jim_: also battery safe monitoring is not possible using javascript you only get updates when the phone gives then to you updates
13:57 <starbuckt> Jim_: what is the purpose of your web app? Perhaps if we had some more information we can give you a better recommendation.
14:01 <Jim_> In it's most basic form, it's very similar to the 'GeoNotes' you have built where people can leave notes in physical locations and be alerted of notes nearby when they are out and about. I was thinking it would be nice if they're walking down the street and they are alerted to geonotes that are in the area. Obviously this would involve monitoring their position and querying for geonotes that are nearby... So it's the 'constantly monit
14:01 <Jim_> struggling with
14:02 <starbuckt> Hey Jim_, it's probably going to be difficult to do that with a web app. From what I understand, the browser would have to maintain focus in order to receive location updates. It would probably stop receiving updates if the phone went to sleep.
14:03 <Jim_> doh... I had a feeling you would say that :( ... Just getting into the mobile world, and the thought of writing clients for each mobile OS is making me queasy
14:04 <patrickarlt> Jim_: starbuckt is right the "navigator.geolocation.watchPosition" goes to sleep as soon as your page looses focus. You could make an adapter for PhoneGap to use our API but it wouldnt have battery safe monitoring
14:07 <Jim_> Ok. So the gist of it is if I write a webapp, then I'm limited the native browser implementation of 'navigator.geolocation.watchPosition', and the webapp needs focus.... if I go with native (and all the joys that go along with it), then I can use the full power of your API (battery safe, constant monitoring, etc)?
14:08 <starbuckt> Jim_: in a nutshell yes. The other option would be to use our web API to create a custom "layer" although I'm not sure that's exactly what you're looking for.
14:09 <starbuckt> You can create places and associate arbitrary triggers to those places. User's of our native clients could then subscribe to your custom layer.
14:11 <Wraithan> Jim_: I would build a layer and send push notifications. Just have 2 geofences, one for the note itself, one for noting that a note is near by, then you can easily trigger and push
14:12 <Wraithan> Jim_: no need for a native app
14:12 <@casebot> Caseorganic published a photo: Geoloqi Team, March 2012.: caseorganic posted a photo:
14:12 <@casebot> Caseorganic published a photo: Geoloqi Team, March 2012.: caseorganic posted a photo:
14:12 <Jim_> Wraithan: excuse the noobness of this question, but are the push notifications done using socket.io?
14:13 <Wraithan> Jim_: nothing you have to worry about. the geoloqi server and the phone clients have to worry about that
14:14 <Wraithan> Jim_: you just setup callbacks for your fences so you know when things happen and can act on them
14:15 <starbuckt> Jim_: push notifications depend on the client
14:15 <starbuckt> on Android we use the C2DM services offered by Google.
14:15 <Jim_> Hmmm.. I'm not following exactly what you mean, but that probably indicates I have more homework to do.... can you briefly explain what a push notification is? Does this mean that my webapp 'pushes' the current location to the geoloqi api ?
14:15 <starbuckt> iOS uses a different method.
14:16 <starbuckt> Jim_: Push notifications are probably not what you're looking for, it's just a low-level way we use to send commands to our native apps.
14:17 <Wraithan> starbuckt: I think he could get it done using a layer rather than a native app.
14:17 <patrickarlt> Jim_: take a look at this layer that runs on the Geoloqi app https://github.com/patrickarlt/Trimet-for-Geoloqi
14:17 <Wraithan> starbuckt: at least from what he described of what he is trying to do
14:18 <starbuckt> Wraithan: it sounds likely that a layer could provide some of the functionality Jim_ is looking for.
14:18 <patrickarlt> it creates a layer then it creates places on the layer when the Geoloqi app enters one of those places my app receives a POST and I use "message/send" to send the next bus times to the user
14:19 <Jim_> Cool
14:19 <Jim_> Patrickarlt... will dig into your source later tonight...
14:21 <Wraithan> Jim_: I've looked into and started building layers because I don't want to have to deal with building native apps, and if/when Geoloqi supports more mobile OS types like windows or blackberry you get those for free rather than having to write yet another native app
14:21 <Jim_> I would love to keep doing this as a webapp.... I could live with certain restrictions such as not having the app run constantly in the background, but only when the user is actively using it.... native apps give me the heebie jeebies...
14:22 <Wraithan> Jim_: a layer is a web app, just not the same as you started building
14:22 <Jim_> Wraithan: I'll have to read up on the layers more... I've only gotten into the geoloqi api over the past few days, so still trying to get up to speed...
14:22 <Jim_> intereseting
14:22 <Wraithan> Jim_: when you look into it, throw away any notion you had of how you were going to build your app with the API and reconsider it with how layers work
14:23 <Wraithan> otherwise it will be hard for you to get past the idea of having to monitor things yourself
14:23 <Wraithan> at least it was that way for me
14:23 <Jim_> will do... the app is still in its infancy, so a major refactor isn't too huge of a deal...
14:24 <Jim_> Wraithan: are the docs the best place to learn about layers, or do you recommend just reading the source?
14:24 <Wraithan> Docs is how I did, well that and bothering aaronpk because I know him in real life.
14:25 <Wraithan> cheated
14:25 <Jim_> haha... always convenient to know the devs ;)
14:25 <Loqi> nice
14:25 <Jim_> I could bribe him with beer or something, but I'm up in Vancouver so that wouldn't work
14:26 <Wraithan> Vancouver, BC, CA or Vancouver, WA, USA ?
14:26 <Jim_> BC....
14:26 <Wraithan> Ah
14:26 <patrickarlt> Jim_: http://tweet-a-beer.com/
14:27 <Jim_> I'll be down your way in the summer for a music fest, so I could swing by then ;)
14:27 <Jim_> hahah... that's awesome...
14:28 <patrickarlt> Jim_: if you are up for making a PhoneGap app geoloqi.js MIGHT work with phonegaps geolocation features
14:30 <Jim_> it is a phonegap app... sounds like I should dig into the layers, figure that out and also delve into the geoloqi.js source and see if it can tie into phonegap... interesting stuff... there goes my weekend (I'm hoping it rains so I don't feel guilty for staying in... it is the west coast, so rain is likely)
14:30 <Jim_> thanks for your help everyone
14:36 <patrickarlt> Jim_: ill be available this weekend is you need help patrick.arlt@gmail.com (going to be working on my own geoloqi based app)
14:36 <Wraithan> I have geoloqi installed on my iPad and my Galaxy Nexus. I don't get push notifications on my Galaxy Nexus where I have been running Geoloqi recently, instead they go to my iPad...
14:36 <Wraithan> patrickarlt: I'll be working on one of mine this weekend as well, if you want to hang out and hack together on saturday
14:36 <Loqi> I added a countdown scheduled for 3/17 12:00am (#4531)
14:36 <Wraithan> Loqi: thanks...
14:36 <Loqi> dude
14:37 <Wraithan> Loqi: you know what you did, I had to rub your nose in it.
14:38 <Jim_> Cool... thanks... I'll ping you if I get stuck... you can reach me at jimwheaton@gmail.com if you feel the need to hit me with some knowledge
14:42 <@PilgrimChris> I want to thank the team @geoloqi for their incredibly fast response to my query! They are very keen to sort out my problem. Top marks guys!
14:46 <@BeanDoyle> Next-generation location services might be less #social. http://t.co/4Phlx2Jh
14:52 <@nondenominabri> http://t.co/MlhsV0up Geoloqi Launches Powerful Next Generation Location Based Service Platform
17:46 <@jenlankford> Smartphones Getting Better Tools for Precision Tracking @geoloqi http://t.co/ZDHD7lFy
19:02 <@mdusing> @aaronpk time for some @geoloqi mapping of BART?
19:30 <@Jensenrf> also looks interesting: https://t.co/AuO17ytD... makes me wonder how @dwolla did this with proxy.
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22:06 <@ReposiBOK> Geoloqi Extends Platform With Appcelerator, Factual and Locaid Partnerships
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