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10:32 <@frasercole> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/8NaddDhv
10:50 <@jenlankford> Don't miss @caseorganic on Ambient Location and the Future of the Interface #SXSW cc: @geoloqi http://t.co/qS0F2oPN
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11:24 <nohorse> happ sunday. I'm looking into some wp7 api goodness
11:33 <caseorganic> nohorse: happy sunday! cool stuff
11:37 <caseorganic> nohorse: we'll be at the office all day and on irc for questions
11:40 <nohorse> Geoloqi-Android-SDK looks like an eclipse java project. do i need to load android SDK or other toolks?
11:49 <aaronpk> if you want to compile/run it then yea you need android SDK and such, but it could be good as just a reference
12:02 <nohorse> thx, i'll los the full monty just in case i want to run it.
12:04 <nohorse> nice to have as many IDEs as possible going at the same time for that full cross cultural feeling
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