02:32 <@emilylizb> Portland's Geoloqi launches its 'next-generation' location tracking platform | http://t.co/njN7QHpG http://t.co/JewBygBF
05:52 <@crowdpesa> Geoloqi targets developers of location-based services http://t.co/lLQ8ysV3 #location
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08:32 <@AnthroMPI> Geoloqi Launches Platform for White Label Geolocation Apps
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11:20 <@alexpeerenboom> Geolocation’s Potential Heats Up With Geoloqi’s Battery-Saving Tech http://t.co/x7e4Or88
11:26 <@VentureBeat> Thrilled to have Amber Case @caseorganic, Co-founder of http://t.co/AyP4dVBK joining us at our Mobile Summit! http://t.co/RSCsfTm3 #VBMS
11:40 <@lluccipha> VentureBeat: Thrilled to have Amber Case @caseorganic, Co-founder of http://t.co/Jggqa5oB joining us at our Mobile Summit! ...
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11:56 <@kyledrake> Heading to Bend for @rbonales track me with this link: http://t.co/n7h66Aj6
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16:50 <@glassmap> @ronanhigg @geoloqi @caseorganic In terms of both battery life and accuracy.
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17:56 <KnoxJL> hello all
17:57 <starbuckt> Hello!
18:03 <KnoxJL> I'm just checking out geoloqi tonight, it seems like exactly what I need for an app that's been rolling around in the back of my head. =)
18:04 <starbuckt> KnoxJL: great to hear! Let us know if you have any questions.
18:04 <KnoxJL> how do I add the private layer I created to the android app?
18:14 <starbuckt> KnoxJL: Are you trying to view it in the layer list?
18:17 <Wraithan> starbuckt: you the new guy at Geoloqi?
18:17 <starbuckt> Hey Wraithan, I suppose so, I've been working for them a while as a contractor. I'm doing most of the Android development now.
18:18 <KnoxJL> Yes. I've tried creating a layer both from the developer site and from the regular site, but I don't see a way to add either to my app. The app crashes when I login, so maybe that's related?
18:18 <starbuckt> KnoxJL: the crash on login is a bug in the app. I actually just fixed that yesterday, we just need to push out an update.
18:19 <Wraithan> starbuckt: Ah, cool. I'm a friend of a couple people there. I commonly have bug reports since I seem to be good at breaking things and being an edge case
18:19 <Wraithan> starbuckt: nice to meet you
18:19 <starbuckt> I'm working on adding a refresh button to the layer list right now actually. You might try logging out, and back in. It should still work even though it crashes.
18:19 <KnoxJL> Ok, I may just wait to work on this until I see the app update. The website doesn't seem to be updating my location to the site.
18:19 <starbuckt> Wraithan: nice to meet you too, are you using iOS or Android?
18:20 <Wraithan> starbuckt: android, 4.0.2
18:20 <starbuckt> KnoxJL: what kind of device are you suing?
18:20 <starbuckt> *using
18:20 <KnoxJL> Samsung Galaxy S2 (AT&T edition)
18:21 <starbuckt> KnoxJL: okay great, thanks. The Android app has some issues that I'm working on resolving. We should have some updates to push out within the next week or two.
18:22 <starbuckt> Sorry to hear you're having problems!
18:22 <KnoxJL> ok, no problem. I can poke around with the API console, I'm certainly in no rush. =)
18:23 <Wraithan> starbuckt: I looking forward to being able to click on Geoloqi in the notification bar and have it come to the front again
18:23 <starbuckt> KnoxJL: coolness, the server-side code is pretty solid. Can I ask what your app idea is?
18:23 <starbuckt> Wraithan: yeah, that's been bugging me forever!
18:23 <Wraithan> Probably the most annoying bug to me as a regular user
18:24 <KnoxJL> it's actually rather similar to your sample app, a geo-fenced game with a super hero v. super villain theme.
18:24 <Wraithan> starbuckt: Also, I don't know if you guys have any 4.0 devices at the office, but feel free to ping me if you guys need to test on one. I can come down to Geoloqi HQ
18:25 <starbuckt> Wraithan: thanks, we're covered.
18:25 <Wraithan> Ah, good
18:25 <starbuckt> KnoxJL: awesome
18:26 <Wraithan> I need to get back to work on my geoloqi apps
18:26 <Wraithan> instead I've been mucking around with my IRC bot
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