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06:41 <jbrumley> Good morning
06:41 <Loqi> morning. it's probably not like light rain
06:42 <jbrumley> are you guys there? I have a quick question
06:42 <@DaleLoberger> Building a Real-Time Location-Based Urban Geofencing Game with #GPS— http://t.co/9TndUapw /via @Geoteq - #Mobile #GIS redefined
06:47 <jbrumley> My team and I are building a cool webservice to find jobs based on geolocation, I would like to know if Geoloqi + PhoneGap are good fits?, we prefer at this time html5 over native.
06:50 <jbrumley> What would be the best way to combine these two, is there any documentation you guys can point me to?.
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07:42 <aaronpk> jbrumley: I imagine it would be possible to use Geoloqi with PhoneGap, but we haven't explored that much yet ourselves
07:46 <jbrumley> Thanks @aaronpk for responding
07:47 <jbrumley> yes I havent seen any documentation about that, I will certainly contribute, if I get a long way with it
07:56 <aaronpk> that would be great!
07:56 <aaronpk> at the very least, it would certainly be possible to make API requests from javascript in phonegap
07:57 <aaronpk> but more ideal would be to write a phonegap plugin wrapping the functionality of our SDK, http://wiki.phonegap.com/w/page/36752779/PhoneGap%20Plugins
08:09 <jbrumley> yes thats what I thought, thanks for the info link
08:11 <jbrumley> Hey I have to attend an emergency, I will be back later, thank you aaronpk
08:13 <aaronpk> ok, thanks
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10:42 <@pkbot> Posted a photo: Github Language Breakdown - geoloqi http://t.co/NaEqzHG6 [Flickr]
10:50 <@Lluis_Altes> Otra interesante: geoloqi. Su nombre da pistas, geolocalizacion. #ESADEredes
10:50 <@rosariodecastro> #ESADEredes Geolocalizacion sigue creciendo el numero de usuarios q cuentan sus gustos a través de la localización. App Geoloqi interesante!
10:52 <@oliviabosch> "Geoloqi" te permite crear tu propia app de geolocalización. ¡Genial! @Borjatube en #tallerESADE
10:54 <@oliviabosch> "Geoloqi" te permite crear tu propia app de geolocalización ¡Genial! @Borjatube en #ESADEredes
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13:08 <@twaddington> Today is my last week @DarkHorseComics. Starting Monday I'll be joining the @Geoloqi team. Super excited, but also sad to leave my team.
13:10 <@aplambeck> @twaddington Congrats on the new gig! I know @DarkHorseComics will miss you but @geoloqi is hiring a powerhouse! Best of luck.
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13:32 <@kev_nz> Building a Real-Time Location-Based Urban Geofencing Game with Socket.io, Redis, Node.js and Sinatra Synchrony http://t.co/XsQqAhX0 #nodejs
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21:54 <@daviden> Heading out! Track me on Geoloqi! http://t.co/TJ5zPn1F
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