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01:39 <PTTiT> hi everybody
01:39 <PTTiT> I'm very new to Geoloqi
01:39 <PTTiT> so I need a help
01:40 <PTTiT> please!
01:55 <Wraithan> PTTiT: Geoloqi is a west coast based company so it is rare to find help this late at night.
01:56 <Wraithan> PTTiT: Also, IRC works best when you ask your question then wait for an answer, having someone there live to help you is not generally required.
01:57 <Wraithan> (Also I am not a person who works at Geoloqi)
01:57 <Wraithan> But I might be able to help you so you should ask your question
02:05 <PTTiT> thank Wraithan
02:05 <PTTiT> I have problem when installing Geoloqi to my Android application
02:06 <PTTiT> Do you have experience about this?
02:07 <PTTiT> I read their guide on website. They said that The Geoloqi Android SDK is distributed as an Android Library Project
02:08 <PTTiT> But I don't know how/where to download/pull down that Library project
02:14 <Wraithan> Ah, I've not done the mobile dev with the SDK
02:15 <Wraithan> I mostly interface with their web API
05:32 <@aaronroman> Lo más rápido para mandar #emails con #amazon (#SES) es la clase #AmazonSESMailer de mi tocayo https://t.co/E419o49J
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11:20 <@IanGertler> @caseorganic @kyledrake How's the world of location-based apps & real-time interaction (AKA @geoloqi) going? Looking forward to big things!
11:34 <@kyledrake> @IanGertler @caseorganic Things are great, @geoloqi is going strong! We're working very hard on new tech and tools for geo developers.
11:36 <@IanGertler> @kyledrake @caseorganic @geoloqi Definitely keep me updated ... I've been chatting w/ folks about this and it's so very needed by so many!
11:46 <@kyledrake> @IanGertler @caseorganic @geoloqi No problem! I'll inform you of updates. I even made a note to remind me: http://t.co/87Gzf6Sp
11:56 <@IanGertler> @kyledrake @caseorganic @geoloqi Okay, you officially rock! I feel very important now. ;-)
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14:36 <@WV2011> Red Team vs. Blue Team! Following the adventurous MapAttack! players in real time at #WebVisions NYC #WVnyc http://t.co/IXQhr1Uf
15:48 <@davidmckelvey> @jasonpontius @dtetto @caterina Awesome, are you using the geoloqi api or something custom?
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17:11 <PTTiT> Hi everybody
17:11 <PTTiT> I'm very new to Geoloqi
17:11 <aaronpk> hi there!
17:12 <PTTiT> I need your help to install Geoloqi Android SDK
17:12 <aaronpk> we haven't yet released the SDKs, but they will be coming out soon!
17:13 <PTTiT> oh
17:14 <aaronpk> if you send me a quick email to aaron at geoloqi.com, I'll make sure you get an email when we release it!
17:14 <PTTiT> Thank for your information
17:15 <aaronpk> may I ask what you are working on?
17:15 <aaronpk> you can email me instead if you don't want to talk about it in public
17:15 <PTTiT> I'm a android developer
17:16 <PTTiT> and my client want to detect the location of the app user
17:17 <PTTiT> thank for your help
17:17 <PTTiT> Maybe I will email you the further info
17:17 <aaronpk> ok great!
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