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07:12 <@caseorganic> @aaretz Hi! This year I'm going to be doing less talks overall as I work on @geoloqi. I talked at @webvisions in NY a few weeks ago.
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10:27 <@twaddington> @doktahahpah my friend @aaronpk is looking for an iOS developer to help them with @geoloqi. He wanted me to ask if you were available.
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13:06 <@stevederico> @twaddington @doktahahpah @aaronpk @geoloqi iOS Dev here would love to hear more. What's your email?
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17:02 <@pkbot> Posted a photo: Geoloqi USB Drives http://t.co/rS2G2B2E [Flickr]
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20:08 <@nodenpm> passport-geoloqi (0.1.1): http://t.co/it4Xx0Wx Geoloqi authentication strategy for Passport.
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